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1. What is Harry's role at Springer Motors?

Harry is the chief sales representative and part owner of Springer Motors. He and his wife Janice co-own of 50 percent of the company and his mother-in-law, Bessie Springer, widow of the founder, owns the other half.

2. How did Old Springer used to run Springer Motors?

Old man Springer ran the place with an iron fist. He would keep the showroom open on snowy nights and when Route 111 had not been plowed, and was always grinding away in his high-pitched voice about performance guidelines, washout profits, and whether or not a mechanic had left a thumbprint on a steering wheel.

3. Describe Harry and Charlie's relationship.

Charlie has been at Springer Motors twice as long as Harry has, and is the top producer at the agency. The two men have worked side by side for many years and have a good working relationship, but not really a friendship. Ten years ago, Charlie had an affair with Harry's wife and Harry has never completely forgiven him. When they talk about the present state of the oil market and reminisce about their past adventures, their conversations always have a way of alluding to Charlie's love affair with Janice.

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