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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What special occasion do the characters celebrate in this chapter?
(a) Christmas
(b) Nelson and Pru's wedding
(c) Janice's birthday
(d) Harry's birthday

2. What does Harry say he wants to pump it in and die like?
(a) A male spider
(b) A fly
(c) A hog
(d) A monkey

3. What is Pru's surname?
(a) Lubell
(b) Murkett
(c) Jupiter
(d) Angstron

4. What film does Cindy ask Harry if he has seen?
(a) Duel
(b) Jaws II
(c) Godfather Part II
(d) Caddyshack

5. How does Harry know the girl's mother?
(a) She bought a car from him
(b) They had an affair
(c) He bought a horse from her
(d) They went to the same school

Short Answer Questions

1. Where has Nelson been spending the summer?

2. What sport did Rabbit used to play in highschool?

3. What kind of bicycle has Melanie bought?

4. Who has Janice been arguing with when Harry arrives?

5. What is the name of Harry's son?

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