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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did Harry switch from brandy to beer?
(a) He was feeling too horny
(b) He was talking too much
(c) He was feeling sick
(d) He had a drunken flashback

2. Where has Nelson been spending the summer?
(a) Seattle
(b) Mexico
(c) Colorado
(d) Texas

3. What film does Nelson think about when he is in bed with Pru?
(a) Duel
(b) Godfather
(c) Five Easy Pieces
(d) Jaws

4. What special occasion do the characters celebrate in this chapter?
(a) Janice's birthday
(b) Christmas
(c) Harry's birthday
(d) Nelson and Pru's wedding

5. What do Harry and Janice put all over the bed before they make love?
(a) Newspaper
(b) Books
(c) Silver coins
(d) Gold coins

Short Answer Questions

1. How was Skeeter killed?

2. Why does Hary think it is good to have an enemy in the house?

3. Who does Harry call his enemy?

4. What does Harry call people that work in law?

5. Why is Harry annoyed that Janice did not tell him about Pru?

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