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Brewer, PA - The small city in Pennsylvania where the story takes place.

Springer Motors Toyota - The car dealership where Harry Angstrom works.

89 Joseph Street - Bessie Springer's home, which she shares with Harry and Janice, and also with Nelson and Melanie or Pru.

The Upstairs - Even though the Springer house at 89 Joseph is presented as a big house, this part of the house is divided awkwardly.

The Vegetable Garden - One of the features of the house at 89 Joseph is that it has one of these fenced off in the back yard.

Cottage in the Poconos - This was bought by Fred Springer, and is now owned by Bessie. She rents it out for most of the summer, but reserves a couple of weeks for herself and family.

Galilee - The farming community in the southern part of the county where Ruth and Annabelle...

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