Rabbit Is Rich Character Descriptions

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Harry Angstrom (Rabbit)

He is in his mid-forties, tall, blond-haired, blue eyed. He was a basketball star in high school, did not go to college and followed his father into work as a linotype operator. When that skill became obsolete, he went to work for his father-in law.

Janice Angstrom

She is an avid tennis player and spends most afternoons, weather permitting, at the Flying Eagle country club playing tennis, hanging around the pool with the wives of their friends there, and getting a little drunk.

Nelson Angstrom

He has been attending college at Kent State in Ohio where he is due to go into his senior year. He trusts his mother and talks to her about his life, but he is not able to do that with his father.

Bessie Springer

She is proud of the Springer name and conducts herself like one of the town's elite...

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