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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Vigot say he dislikes most about his job?

2. When Fowler's car runs out of gas, what does he have to do to get to a Vietnamese lookout?

3. What does Fowler learn from Mr. Chou's manager, Mr. Heng?

4. Back in the present time, what does Fowler do to get Phuong out of the house when Vigot arrives?

5. What does Mr. Heng want Fowler to do?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who are the Caodaists and why does Fowler go to where they are?

2. What new evidence about Pyle's death makes Vigot sure that Fowler did not kill him?

3. What happens to them on the way back?

4. When Fowler goes to see Mr. Heng after the Garnier bomb, what request does Heng make of him?

5. Almost in spite of himself, what advice is Fowler compelled to give Pyle?

6. What does Fowler witness with Mr. Heng who had called him to big store at the corner of Boulevard Charner?

7. What did Fowler find at the garage of Mr. Muoi?

8. What strange encounter does Fowler have with Bill Granger at the Vieux Moulin?

9. What is the real reason Vigot comes to play Quatre-Vingt-et-Un with Fowler?

10. Why is Pyle upset that the bomb had gone off that day?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Fowler is stunned when Joe calls Pyle a war hero. Write a paper expressing your opinion about such a distortion of the truth. Does making it easier on the parents justify such misinformation? Pyle was not killed in a righteous battle. He was simply assassinated for getting involved in a matter that he did not understand. There was nothing noble about the way he died. Joe the Economic Attache is arguably a part of the intelligence machine operating in Vietnam. How would that explain his report on Pyle's death? What might the repercussions have been in America if the real truth were known?

Essay Topic 2

Young idealistic men often think of war as something glamorous. Using the descriptions in the book, write a paper about the horrors of war. To do this, use the description of the massacre at Phat Diem, the bomb explosion in Saigon, the ignoble assassination of Pyle, and Trouin's description of the use of napalm. Pyle comes to Vietnam, ignores the advice and observations of men who have been there for years, and idolizes York Harding. Show how this makes him idealistic and sure that he is invulnerable.

Essay Topic 3

Write a paper about the similarity between the Catholic church in Phat Diem and the Caodaist Temple in terms of their political involvement. Religions that are poles apart yet they have one thing in common when dealing with two sides of warring factions. It comes down to a matter of survival and all religion is suspect by totalitarian regimes. Make this comparison without being judgmental as to the merits of either religion.

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