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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Vigot want Fowler to tell him?

2. Why do the two American girls hastily leave The Pavillon?

3. What was wrong with the bombing that day?

4. What is behind the Holy See as one approaches Tanyin?

5. Who are the cardinals of Caodaism?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Pyle upset that the bomb had gone off that day?

2. What new evidence about Pyle's death makes Vigot sure that Fowler did not kill him?

3. What admonition does Fowler give Pyle because of his support of General The?

4. Almost in spite of himself, what advice is Fowler compelled to give Pyle?

5. After his stay in the hospital, where does Fowler find Phuong?

6. What is the real reason Vigot comes to play Quatre-Vingt-et-Un with Fowler?

7. What did Fowler find at the garage of Mr. Muoi?

8. What happens to them on the way back?

9. What happens right after two American girls walk out of the Pavilon?

10. What important person does Fowler meet at the insistence of Dominguez?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Using the Caodaists as an example, write a paper about religious cultism and why you think people join them. There are enough converts to this cult to make it a viable player in the war. Historically, however, there have always been cults and people who flock to them to their own destruction. It is this feature of cultism that gives them their power in numbers. Look up some examples of other cult religions and compare the Caodaists to them.

Essay Topic 2

Young idealistic men often think of war as something glamorous. Using the descriptions in the book, write a paper about the horrors of war. To do this, use the description of the massacre at Phat Diem, the bomb explosion in Saigon, the ignoble assassination of Pyle, and Trouin's description of the use of napalm. Pyle comes to Vietnam, ignores the advice and observations of men who have been there for years, and idolizes York Harding. Show how this makes him idealistic and sure that he is invulnerable.

Essay Topic 3

Write your opinion as to whether Graham Greene glamorizes the use of opium in the novel. About the only negative thing mentioned as to opium use in the novel is the negative effects it has on the libido after four pipes. Fowler is quite open about his usage. Vigot is obviously aware of it. Is there a certain glamor implied in the fact that the beautiful Phuong serves Fowler the pipes much like serving tea? With illegal drug usage so rampant in today's world, what is your opinion of the drug use in the novel? Do you think Greene is advocating opium usage or just telling it like it was?

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