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Short Answer Questions

1. When Fowler goes to see Pyle, to whom does he talk?

2. What has made Vigot's day so long and tiring?

3. What was York Harding's experience in Indochina?

4. What does Fowler wish he had the courage for after Vigot leaves?

5. What does Pyle accuse Fowler of doing to keep Phuong for himself?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Fowler mean when he tells Vigot that York Harding in the man who killed Alden Pyle?

2. What strange encounter does Fowler have with Bill Granger at the Vieux Moulin?

3. What new evidence about Pyle's death makes Vigot sure that Fowler did not kill him?

4. What trouble is Pyle having when Fowler runs into him on this trip?

5. What happens right after two American girls walk out of the Pavilon?

6. What important person does Fowler meet at the insistence of Dominguez?

7. Who are the Caodaists and why does Fowler go to where they are?

8. What evidence is there that Vigot knows Fowler is involved in some way with Pyle's murder?

9. What elaborate precautions does Fowler take that evening?

10. When Fowler returns to his flat, who is there?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write an opinion paper on censorship of the press during a time of war. Do ordinary citizens need to know what is going on in the war? Do they have a right to know? The French were releasing only good news and censoring any reference to a defeat. What effect might it have had on the American public had they known what was really going on inside French Indochina? Is it possible that Americans would have told their leaders not to get them involved if they had known the full story? Discuss how censorship is a way of controlling the minds of people.

Essay Topic 2

Granger calls Frenchmen frogs, and British men limeys. Write a paper about the harmful effects of labeling people. Dig deep into the effects of such name calling. Question whether racially biased attitudes ever do any good. Many people cannot see beyond the surface as was the case in the interment of Japanese-Americans during WW II. Include any first hand instances you have either felt or witnessed that involves racial labeling.

Essay Topic 3

Write a paper expressing what you believe Vigot actually knew about Pyle's death and Fowler's involvement in it. Analyze the questions Vigot keeps on asking Fowler and how Fowler has to give his answers carefully so as not to implicate himself. Vigot's persistence indicates that he knows what Fowler did, does not even wish to prosecute Fowler, but simply wants to satisfy his curiosity. Does it seem, though, that Vigot expects Fowler to protect himself?

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