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Short Answer Questions

1. What book does Pyle go on and on about?

2. What does Fowler dream after he finally falls asleep?

3. Why does Pyle suddenly want to leave the Continental?

4. What is Graham Greene's definition of the quiet American?

5. How does Pyle arrive at Fowler's apartment?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is so annoying about the letter from Pyle that is waiting for Fowler when he finally gets home?

2. What is the superstition in Vietnam about lovers who smoke opium?

3. How does Phuong take the news of Pyle's death?

4. After Pyle and Phuong dance, how does the conversation go between Pyle and Miss Hei?

5. When Fowler moves out with a patrol getting out of the area of Phat Diem, who comes in the middle of the night? Why had he come?

6. What is it about Pyle that Fowler cannot put into his cable to his newspaper?

7. What does Fowler see when he goes to Phat Diem?

8. What happens when Pyle invites himself over for a drink?

9. What signifies a difference in dress between the South and the North of Vietnam?

10. At the press conference, what is the French colonel's response to the question of French casualties?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write a paper about why Mr. Heng was so sure that Thomas Fowler would cooperate in getting Pyle to the restaurant. There are two factors here for your paper. One, is the idea of coming out on top in a love triangle. Asian men especially would relate to this concept. The other is the factor of Fowler's dependence on covert information to write his articles. Your paper will evaluate which motive is stronger with Fowler.

Essay Topic 2

Write your opinion as to whether Graham Greene glamorizes the use of opium in the novel. About the only negative thing mentioned as to opium use in the novel is the negative effects it has on the libido after four pipes. Fowler is quite open about his usage. Vigot is obviously aware of it. Is there a certain glamor implied in the fact that the beautiful Phuong serves Fowler the pipes much like serving tea? With illegal drug usage so rampant in today's world, what is your opinion of the drug use in the novel? Do you think Greene is advocating opium usage or just telling it like it was?

Essay Topic 3

The beginning of what we call the Vietnam war was an effort on the part of Vietnamese Communists to overthrow French colonialism. Write a paper on your opinion about the Americans becoming involved after the French pulled out. The implication of Pyle's trying to set up a Third Force hints at a premeditated plan on the part of America to be ready to step in when the French pull out. Do you think that is what happened?

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