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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens at the fountain in front of the big store?
(a) Three bicycles put there by the police explode.
(b) Pyle is keeping people away from the fountain.
(c) People are diving into the fountain.
(d) The police have blocked off the street to the fountain.

2. What is behind the Holy See as one approaches Tanyin?
(a) The waterfalls of antiquity
(b) The sacred mountain that looks like a bowler hat.
(c) The palaces of the Pope of Caodaism
(d) A dark jungle

3. What does Fowler ask Mr. Heng about Pyle?
(a) If Vigot has any connection to Pyle.
(b) Who Pyle's chief is.
(c) How he came to meet Pyle.
(d) If Phuong is safe with Pyle.

4. What drink does Pyle offer Fowler in Tanyin?
(a) Warm beer
(b) Lime juice
(c) Scotch
(d) Gin

5. What is Fowler's concern as he returns to his rooms after being in the hospital?
(a) That he would not be able to make it up the stairs.
(b) That Phuong will not be there.
(c) That the letter from his wife had been opened.
(d) That Phuong had moved her family into his apartment.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Fowler's car runs out of gas, what does he have to do to get to a Vietnamese lookout?

2. What does Fowler later have to admit?

3. What does Vigot want to do without Phuong being present?

4. What is Fowler's reply to Vigot's question about who is York Harding?

5. Who does Fowler run into in Tanyin?

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