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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When someone does knock on Fowler's door, who is it?
(a) Vigot
(b) Mr. Chou
(c) Phuong
(d) Dominguez

2. Back in the present time, what does Fowler do to get Phuong out of the house when Vigot arrives?
(a) He sends her to the movies.
(b) He hide her under his bed.
(c) He sends her to her sister.
(d) He hides her in a back room.

3. Who gets a job for Miss Hei with the Americans?
(a) Joe, the Economic Attache
(b) Phuong
(c) Thomas Fowler
(d) Alden Pyle

4. What is Heng's answer when Fowler asks if he had anything to do with the bombing?
(a) He says he was nowhere near the Garnier.
(b) He says it is up to the police to find the culprit.
(c) He says Fowler should not ask too many questions.
(d) He says he would not be so stupid.

5. What does Dominguez do when Fowler swats at a mosquito droning near his ear?
(a) He kills it when Fowler misses.
(b) He gets the bug spray.
(c) He winces.
(d) He applauds.

Short Answer Questions

1. After Fowler leaves a message for Pyle, what does he think he might accomplish?

2. What was wrong with the bombing that day?

3. Why does Fowler go to The Pavillon after leaving the apartment on rue Catinat?

4. What is behind the Holy See as one approaches Tanyin?

5. What does Fowler wish he had the courage for after Vigot leaves?

Short Essay Questions

1. What trouble is Pyle having when Fowler runs into him on this trip?

2. Almost in spite of himself, what advice is Fowler compelled to give Pyle?

3. What admonition does Fowler give Pyle because of his support of General The?

4. When Fowler returns to his flat, who is there?

5. What did Fowler find at the garage of Mr. Muoi?

6. Who are the Caodaists and why does Fowler go to where they are?

7. What does Fowler witness with Mr. Heng who had called him to big store at the corner of Boulevard Charner?

8. Why is Pyle upset that the bomb had gone off that day?

9. What happens right after two American girls walk out of the Pavilon?

10. After his stay in the hospital, where does Fowler find Phuong?

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