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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was York Harding's experience in Indochina?
(a) Harding had never set foot in Vietnam.
(b) Harding used French press reports to write his book.
(c) Harding got his information from refugees who came to America.
(d) He had been there for one week once on his way from Bangkok to Tokoyo.

2. Why does Phuong open the telegram before Fowler gets home?
(a) She says telegrams are public.
(b) She thought is was a money gram.
(c) She thought it might be something she should take to him in the hospital.
(d) She thought it might be from his wife.

3. Returning home, who does Fowler find in his apartment?
(a) Joe
(b) Pyle
(c) Phuong
(d) Vigot

4. When Fowler and Pyle talk, against what does Fowler warn Pyle?
(a) Trusting Vigot and the Surete
(b) Believing in York's Third Force
(c) Negotiating with the Vietminh
(d) Trusting Joe too much

5. What has made Vigot's day so long and tiring?
(a) Meetings with the French Embassy
(b) Catching up on paperwork
(c) Murder and sudden deaths
(d) Petty thefts and a few suicides

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens at the fountain in front of the big store?

2. What does Fowler ask Mr. Heng about Pyle?

3. What drink does Pyle offer Fowler in Tanyin?

4. What does Dominguez advise Fowler to do?

5. What is Heng's answer when Fowler asks if he had anything to do with the bombing?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens to them on the way back?

2. What makes work more difficult for Fowler with his leg in a cast?

3. What new evidence about Pyle's death makes Vigot sure that Fowler did not kill him?

4. What is the gist of Helen's letter to Fowler?

5. What happens to Fowler in that situation?

6. When Fowler goes to see Mr. Heng after the Garnier bomb, what request does Heng make of him?

7. What elaborate precautions does Fowler take that evening?

8. After Pyle takes Phuong away, where did Fowler go with Captain Trouin?

9. What admonition does Fowler give Pyle because of his support of General The?

10. What trouble is Pyle having when Fowler runs into him on this trip?

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