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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mr. Heng say that reminds him of Captain Trouin?
(a) "We do what we have to do."
(b) "Sooner or later, one has to take sides if one is to remain human."
(c) "Forget the carnage and think of the future."
(d) "War is hell."

2. Why does Fowler say he wants to find another flat?
(a) He plans on moving Dominguez in with him.
(b) There is too much of Phuong where he is.
(c) He doesn't need that many rooms.
(d) He's planning on bringing Helen here.

3. Back in the present time, what does Fowler do to get Phuong out of the house when Vigot arrives?
(a) He sends her to her sister.
(b) He hides her in a back room.
(c) He hide her under his bed.
(d) He sends her to the movies.

4. When someone does knock on Fowler's door, who is it?
(a) Mr. Chou
(b) Vigot
(c) Phuong
(d) Dominguez

5. What does Fowler ask Mr. Heng about Pyle?
(a) Who Pyle's chief is.
(b) If Vigot has any connection to Pyle.
(c) How he came to meet Pyle.
(d) If Phuong is safe with Pyle.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Fowler tell Vigot he should have become?

2. Who gets a job for Miss Hei with the Americans?

3. What had Pyle done that was according to Harding's book?

4. Why are Fowler and Pyle marooned in the Vietnamese tower?

5. When Pyle arrives, why does he say he is surprised that Fowler gave him an invitation to visit?

Short Essay Questions

1. What elaborate precautions does Fowler take that evening?

2. What does Fowler wish he had had the guts to do while Vigot was there?

3. What admonition does Fowler give Pyle because of his support of General The?

4. What happens to them on the way back?

5. What evidence is there that Vigot knows Fowler is involved in some way with Pyle's murder?

6. What strange encounter does Fowler have with Bill Granger at the Vieux Moulin?

7. What important person does Fowler meet at the insistence of Dominguez?

8. What new evidence about Pyle's death makes Vigot sure that Fowler did not kill him?

9. What does Fowler mean when he tells Vigot that York Harding in the man who killed Alden Pyle?

10. Almost in spite of himself, what advice is Fowler compelled to give Pyle?

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