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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Joe the Attache speak crudely about Phuong?
(a) He refers to Phuong as Fowler's piece of tail.
(b) He asks Phuong what she charges by the hour.
(c) He brags that he once had her when she worked in the dancehall.
(d) He refers to all Vietnamese women as whores.

2. How does Pyle treat Phuong when they first meet?
(a) He treats her as if she were not there.
(b) He treats her as an older person.
(c) He treats her as if she were a fine lady.
(d) He treats her as if she were a street walker.

3. What is Phuong's favorite reading subject matter?
(a) The British Royal Family, especially Princess Margaret
(b) The latest scandals in Hollywood
(c) The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire
(d) The stock market in the Wall Street Journal

4. Why is Phuong unhappy with Pyle and not want to see him?
(a) Because her sister does not approve of him.
(b) Because he never came to see her while Fowler was away.
(c) Because he did not get the job for Hei.
(d) Because he has not paid Hei any marriage money.

5. How does Pyle see himself?
(a) He sees himself as a possible source of winning information.
(b) He describes himself as an observer with no real views on the war.
(c) He sees himself as a serious backer of the French.
(d) He sees himself as being trapped where he doesn't want to be.

Short Answer Questions

1. When things settle down at the House of the Five Hundred Girls, where do Pyle, Fowler and Phuong go?

2. What is Pyle trying to hide but everyone suspects anyway?

3. How does Pyle arrive at Fowler's apartment?

4. Why is Miss Hei interested in Pyle?

5. What rumors about Pyle have been circulated and find their way to Phuong?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Fowler see when he goes to Phat Diem?

2. How does Phuong take the news of Pyle's death?

3. What is so annoying about the letter from Pyle that is waiting for Fowler when he finally gets home?

4. In a flashback, describe how Pyle meets Fowler and Phuong.

5. What signifies a difference in dress between the South and the North of Vietnam?

6. What did Fowler do to get Pyle out of the House of the Five Hundred Girls?

7. Describe the old women on the street near Thomas Fowler's apartment.

8. What is Fowler's reaction to the priest who offers to take his confession?

9. What is it about Pyle that Fowler cannot put into his cable to his newspaper?

10. Describe how the French manipulate the foreign press corps during the war.

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