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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the second letter from Fowler's editor say?
(a) He gives fowler another six months.
(b) He writes that Fowler will come home or lose his job.
(c) He says Fowler can stay if he accepts a salary cut.
(d) He agrees that Fowler should stay in Saigon.

2. What does Captain Trouin say he hates most about the war?
(a) The napalm bombing
(b) The dead children
(c) The night flights
(d) The long hours

3. What is Fowler's reaction when the Pope's deputy holds out his hand with a huge ring on his finger?
(a) He wonders how many karats it was.
(b) He shakes the deputy's hand.
(c) He refuses to kiss it.
(d) He leaves the way the deputy was pointing.

4. When Fowler goes to see Pyle, to whom does he talk?
(a) Miss Hei
(b) Dominguez
(c) Mr. Heng
(d) Joe, the Economic Attache

5. When Fowler and Pyle talk, against what does Fowler warn Pyle?
(a) Trusting Joe too much
(b) Trusting Vigot and the Surete
(c) Negotiating with the Vietminh
(d) Believing in York's Third Force

6. Why does Fowler want to read Phuong's thoughts?
(a) He thinks she is meeting Pyle.
(b) He thinks she is lonely.
(c) He thinks she wants to kill him.
(d) He thinks she knows something about the Vietminh.

7. When someone does knock on Fowler's door, who is it?
(a) Dominguez
(b) Phuong
(c) Vigot
(d) Mr. Chou

8. After leaving the Attache's office, what does Fowler say he did in the men's lavatory?
(a) He cried.
(b) He wrote on the mirror.
(c) He stole the hand soap.
(d) He threw up.

9. What does Fowler realize about bicycle pumps?
(a) They were used to inflate rafts.
(b) They were being replaced with rifle mounts.
(c) The mold at Mr. Muoi's iss shaped like a half section of a bicycle pump.
(d) They could be made into makeshift mortar firers.

10. Who does Fowler run into in Tanyin?
(a) Granger
(b) Miss Hei
(c) Vigot
(d) Pyle

11. Who is rumored to be on the mountain?
(a) The Buddha, Christ and Confucious
(b) A French radar unit
(c) General The and his troops
(d) The Pope's harem of 3,000 women

12. What does Vigot want to do without Phuong being present?
(a) Join Fowler in an opium pipe
(b) Come to Fowler's apartment and ask more questions
(c) Go through Phuong's possessions
(d) Play a dice game

13. What was York Harding's experience in Indochina?
(a) Harding got his information from refugees who came to America.
(b) Harding had never set foot in Vietnam.
(c) He had been there for one week once on his way from Bangkok to Tokoyo.
(d) Harding used French press reports to write his book.

14. Why does Fowler go to The Pavillon after leaving the apartment on rue Catinat?
(a) To meet Joe, the Economic Attache
(b) To see if Phuong is there
(c) To find Vigot and ask about Pyle
(d) To avoid seeing Phuong at the Milk Fountain

15. After Fowler leaves a message for Pyle, what does he think he might accomplish?
(a) Go to the Surete and tell them everything he knows about the bombing.
(b) Talk Pyle into taking an emergency trip to America.
(c) Perhaps warn Pyle of the danger he is in and get him to stop what he is doing.
(d) Get Pyle to leave immediately with Phuong because she is in danger.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Vigot say that he does not believe Fowler killed Pyle?

2. Who are the cardinals of Caodaism?

3. What did Fowler go to see in the other end of rue Catinat?

4. What do Caodaists' churches look like?

5. What does Fowler discover at 3:00 a.m.?

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