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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Fowler discover at Mr. Muoi's garage?
(a) Muoi and his men all all gone; there is an old press there.
(b) Mr. Muoi had been shot.
(c) There was a note from Pyle on Muoi's desk.
(d) The molds for making bombs are there.

2. What happens right after the American girls leave The Pavillon?
(a) A bomb goes off near the bar.
(b) Pyle enters with a disguised General The.
(c) It begins to rain heavily.
(d) A French woman comes to Fowler's table.

3. When Fowler's car runs out of gas, what does he have to do to get to a Vietnamese lookout?
(a) He climbs a rope ladder and is terrified.
(b) He blinks his car lights to draw attention.
(c) He and Pyle puch the car a hundred meters down the road.
(d) He honks his horn with a secret signal.

4. Why does Fowler want to read Phuong's thoughts?
(a) He thinks she is meeting Pyle.
(b) He thinks she wants to kill him.
(c) He thinks she is lonely.
(d) He thinks she knows something about the Vietminh.

5. What is Fowler's reaction when the Pope's deputy holds out his hand with a huge ring on his finger?
(a) He wonders how many karats it was.
(b) He refuses to kiss it.
(c) He leaves the way the deputy was pointing.
(d) He shakes the deputy's hand.

6. What does Fowler discover at 3:00 a.m.?
(a) His opium has been stolen.
(b) His apartment has been broken into.
(c) The men from the Surete are at his door.
(d) Phuong has moved out.

7. Why does Pyle want to take Phuong to America to get married?
(a) He thinks his mother would be there to acclimate Phuong.
(b) He thinks Phuong deserves a big, expenisve wedding.
(c) He thinks an Indochina marriage might not be legal.
(d) He wants to get her as far away from Fowler as he can.

8. What takes Fowler's mind off Pyle and Phuong for a few minutes?
(a) He has his cast removed.
(b) He goes along on a French air raid.
(c) He witnesses a murder on the rue Catinat.
(d) He overdoses on opium.

9. What is Fowler forced to do since Dominguez is out of commission?
(a) Do his own writing to send to London
(b) Stay at home and send Phuong to run errands
(c) Take trishaws everywhere he needs to go
(d) Attend wearisome press conferences and hobble to the Continental for gossip

10. How does Mr. Heng say he knew about the bomb in the Garnier?
(a) The police had been to Mr. Muoi's house.
(b) Someone called him.
(c) Pyle told him.
(d) It was on the radio.

11. What does Fowler think of the speech the deputy Pope of Caodaism gives him?
(a) That it is canned and insincere.
(b) That it is incomprehensible.
(c) That it is the hope of the Vietnamese people.
(d) That is the sincere belief of the Caodaists.

12. What was wrong with the bombing that day?
(a) Several Americans were killed accidentally.
(b) It was supposed to go off in the officers quarters.
(c) Pyle did not know they had cancelled the parade which was the main target.
(d) It was more powerful than they had planned.

13. What does Fowler later have to admit?
(a) That Pyle followed his instructions to the letter.
(b) That Pyle was really the better man.
(c) That he had sent Pyle on a fool's errand.
(d) That Phuong would have been better off with Pyle.

14. What does Phuong give Fowler after he gets home?
(a) A massage.
(b) An opium pipe.
(c) A marriage ultimatum.
(d) An opened telegram and the unopened letter from his wife.

15. How does Fowler perceive the man who is selling the place?
(a) As a remnant of the old colonialists
(b) As an idealist like Pyle
(c) As an important government official
(d) As an ugly American

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Mr. Heng greet Fowler when he comes to visit?

2. Why does Vigot say that he does not believe Fowler killed Pyle?

3. What is behind the Holy See as one approaches Tanyin?

4. When Fowler goes to see Pyle, to whom does he talk?

5. Why does Fowler go to The Pavillon after leaving the apartment on rue Catinat?

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