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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What has made Vigot's day so long and tiring?
(a) Murder and sudden deaths
(b) Petty thefts and a few suicides
(c) Catching up on paperwork
(d) Meetings with the French Embassy

2. What happens at the fountain in front of the big store?
(a) Three bicycles put there by the police explode.
(b) Pyle is keeping people away from the fountain.
(c) The police have blocked off the street to the fountain.
(d) People are diving into the fountain.

3. What is Heng's answer when Fowler asks if he had anything to do with the bombing?
(a) He says Fowler should not ask too many questions.
(b) He says it is up to the police to find the culprit.
(c) He says he would not be so stupid.
(d) He says he was nowhere near the Garnier.

4. What does Dominguez do when Fowler swats at a mosquito droning near his ear?
(a) He kills it when Fowler misses.
(b) He applauds.
(c) He gets the bug spray.
(d) He winces.

5. When Fowler's car runs out of gas, what does he have to do to get to a Vietnamese lookout?
(a) He climbs a rope ladder and is terrified.
(b) He blinks his car lights to draw attention.
(c) He and Pyle puch the car a hundred meters down the road.
(d) He honks his horn with a secret signal.

6. Why does Fowler go to The Pavillon after leaving the apartment on rue Catinat?
(a) To avoid seeing Phuong at the Milk Fountain
(b) To see if Phuong is there
(c) To meet Joe, the Economic Attache
(d) To find Vigot and ask about Pyle

7. Why are Fowler and Pyle marooned in the Vietnamese tower?
(a) The rope ladder has been taken away.
(b) It is past curfew.
(c) There is no gasoline near there.
(d) There is shooting down below.

8. What had Pyle done that was according to Harding's book?
(a) Built up a bicycle brigad to be his Third force
(b) Brought in mercenaries to be a Third Force
(c) Recruited Vietminh to form a Third Force
(d) Formed a Third Force of 2,000 bandits and two tame tigers

9. What is Fowler's concern as he returns to his rooms after being in the hospital?
(a) That the letter from his wife had been opened.
(b) That Phuong had moved her family into his apartment.
(c) That Phuong will not be there.
(d) That he would not be able to make it up the stairs.

10. What is Caodaism?
(a) A philosophy of a blend of communism and capitalism.
(b) A cult religion that blends Confucianism, Christianit, and Buddhism.
(c) A religion that started in Vietnam and spreak to Korea.
(d) A religious front for a counter military insurgency.

11. What does Fowler tell Vigot he should have become?
(a) A priest
(b) A shop keeper
(c) A magician
(d) A reporter

12. What drink does Pyle offer Fowler in Tanyin?
(a) Scotch
(b) Warm beer
(c) Lime juice
(d) Gin

13. What does Dominguez advise Fowler to do?
(a) Invite Mr. Heng to come to his house for dinner
(b) Come and take him to the hsopital
(c) Go see what Mr. Heng received yesterday
(d) To meet Mr. Heng outside the big store on the Boulevard Charner

14. What takes Fowler's mind off Pyle and Phuong for a few minutes?
(a) He overdoses on opium.
(b) He goes along on a French air raid.
(c) He has his cast removed.
(d) He witnesses a murder on the rue Catinat.

15. After Fowler leaves a message for Pyle, what does he think he might accomplish?
(a) Go to the Surete and tell them everything he knows about the bombing.
(b) Get Pyle to leave immediately with Phuong because she is in danger.
(c) Perhaps warn Pyle of the danger he is in and get him to stop what he is doing.
(d) Talk Pyle into taking an emergency trip to America.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Phuong open the telegram before Fowler gets home?

2. How does Fowler perceive the man who is selling the place?

3. What does Fowler discover at Mr. Muoi's garage?

4. When Fowler rushes out to see if he can find Phuong in the wreckage, what does Pyle tell him?

5. When Fowler and Pyle talk, against what does Fowler warn Pyle?

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