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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mr. Heng say that reminds him of Captain Trouin?
(a) "War is hell."
(b) "Sooner or later, one has to take sides if one is to remain human."
(c) "We do what we have to do."
(d) "Forget the carnage and think of the future."

2. What does Vigot say he dislikes most about his job?
(a) The stupid people who work under him
(b) Chasing illegal gamblers
(c) Spending so much time in mortuaries
(d) All the paperwork

3. Why do the two American girls hastily leave The Pavillon?
(a) Warren had warned them not to stay past eleven o'clock.
(b) They were going to a parade.
(c) They were hurrying to a hair salon appointment.
(d) One of them had a date at the movies.

4. Why does Fowler tell Pyle he should have a few bad motives?
(a) So he would end up in jail.
(b) So he could understand human beings better.
(c) So he could survive in Indochina.
(d) So he could use them to keep Phuong.

5. What was wrong with the bombing that day?
(a) It was more powerful than they had planned.
(b) Several Americans were killed accidentally.
(c) It was supposed to go off in the officers quarters.
(d) Pyle did not know they had cancelled the parade which was the main target.

6. What is Fowler forced to do since Dominguez is out of commission?
(a) Stay at home and send Phuong to run errands
(b) Take trishaws everywhere he needs to go
(c) Do his own writing to send to London
(d) Attend wearisome press conferences and hobble to the Continental for gossip

7. How does Mr. Heng say he knew about the bomb in the Garnier?
(a) Someone called him.
(b) It was on the radio.
(c) The police had been to Mr. Muoi's house.
(d) Pyle told him.

8. What does Fowler ask Mr. Heng about Pyle?
(a) If Phuong is safe with Pyle.
(b) If Vigot has any connection to Pyle.
(c) Who Pyle's chief is.
(d) How he came to meet Pyle.

9. What does Fowler later have to admit?
(a) That Pyle followed his instructions to the letter.
(b) That Pyle was really the better man.
(c) That Phuong would have been better off with Pyle.
(d) That he had sent Pyle on a fool's errand.

10. After Fowler leaves a message for Pyle, what does he think he might accomplish?
(a) Go to the Surete and tell them everything he knows about the bombing.
(b) Talk Pyle into taking an emergency trip to America.
(c) Perhaps warn Pyle of the danger he is in and get him to stop what he is doing.
(d) Get Pyle to leave immediately with Phuong because she is in danger.

11. How does Fowler dismiss Pyle when he comes to visit?
(a) "Go away to your Third Force and play with your plastics."
(b) "Go read some more of your York Harding books."
(c) "Get out and grow up."
(d) "Get out of my house before I shoot you."

12. What happens right after the American girls leave The Pavillon?
(a) Pyle enters with a disguised General The.
(b) A bomb goes off near the bar.
(c) A French woman comes to Fowler's table.
(d) It begins to rain heavily.

13. Why does Fowler go to The Pavillon after leaving the apartment on rue Catinat?
(a) To meet Joe, the Economic Attache
(b) To see if Phuong is there
(c) To find Vigot and ask about Pyle
(d) To avoid seeing Phuong at the Milk Fountain

14. What did Fowler go to see in the other end of rue Catinat?
(a) A new movie house
(b) An apartment for sale
(c) An art collection
(d) A used car

15. Returning to the time after Pyle's murder, what does Vigot tell Fowler?
(a) They found Pyle's dog with its throat cut.
(b) They cremated Pyle's body.
(c) They still have not found the dog.
(d) They know who murdered Pyle.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Phuong give Fowler after he gets home?

2. What is Heng's answer when Fowler asks if he had anything to do with the bombing?

3. What was York Harding's experience in Indochina?

4. What is behind the Holy See as one approaches Tanyin?

5. What do Caodaists' churches look like?

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