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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who gets a job for Miss Hei with the Americans?
(a) Thomas Fowler
(b) Alden Pyle
(c) Phuong
(d) Joe, the Economic Attache

2. When Pyle arrives, why does he say he is surprised that Fowler gave him an invitation to visit?
(a) He thought Fowler was mad at him.
(b) He thought Fowler had realized Pyle's good work.
(c) He thought Fowler wanted to talk about Phuong.
(d) He thought Fowler wanted to apologize.

3. What does Pyle accuse Fowler of doing to keep Phuong for himself?
(a) Bribing Miss Hei
(b) Lying
(c) Balckmail
(d) Getting her pregnant

4. What weapon does Vigot say was used on Pyle?
(a) A Smaurai sword
(b) A meat cleaver
(c) A rusty bayonet
(d) A switchblade knife

5. What did Fowler go to see in the other end of rue Catinat?
(a) A used car
(b) An apartment for sale
(c) An art collection
(d) A new movie house

6. What does Fowler ask Mr. Heng about Pyle?
(a) If Phuong is safe with Pyle.
(b) Who Pyle's chief is.
(c) How he came to meet Pyle.
(d) If Vigot has any connection to Pyle.

7. Why does Fowler want to read Phuong's thoughts?
(a) He thinks she wants to kill him.
(b) He thinks she is meeting Pyle.
(c) He thinks she knows something about the Vietminh.
(d) He thinks she is lonely.

8. What is Caodaism?
(a) A cult religion that blends Confucianism, Christianit, and Buddhism.
(b) A philosophy of a blend of communism and capitalism.
(c) A religion that started in Vietnam and spreak to Korea.
(d) A religious front for a counter military insurgency.

9. How does Mr. Heng express his agreement with Fowler?
(a) He says he agrees that Pyle had nothing to do with the bombs.
(b) He says he agrees that it is not safe to ask too many questions.
(c) He says he agrees that Pyle is too young.
(d) He agrees that Pyle needs to be restrained.

10. What is behind the Holy See as one approaches Tanyin?
(a) The sacred mountain that looks like a bowler hat.
(b) The palaces of the Pope of Caodaism
(c) The waterfalls of antiquity
(d) A dark jungle

11. What comment does Vigot make when Fowler says that Pyle got mixed up.
(a) Vigot says, "Are you sure?"
(b) Vigot says, "You never do, do you?"
(c) Vigot says, "That's too bad."
(d) Vigot says, "Don't we all?"

12. What was wrong with the bombing that day?
(a) Pyle did not know they had cancelled the parade which was the main target.
(b) It was supposed to go off in the officers quarters.
(c) Several Americans were killed accidentally.
(d) It was more powerful than they had planned.

13. What does Fowler tell Vigot he should have become?
(a) A magician
(b) A reporter
(c) A priest
(d) A shop keeper

14. Back in the present time, what does Fowler do to get Phuong out of the house when Vigot arrives?
(a) He sends her to the movies.
(b) He sends her to her sister.
(c) He hide her under his bed.
(d) He hides her in a back room.

15. Why does Phuong open the telegram before Fowler gets home?
(a) She says telegrams are public.
(b) She thought it might be something she should take to him in the hospital.
(c) She thought is was a money gram.
(d) She thought it might be from his wife.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Pyle want to take Phuong to America to get married?

2. What has made Vigot's day so long and tiring?

3. When Fowler rushes out to see if he can find Phuong in the wreckage, what does Pyle tell him?

4. What does Fowler learn from Mr. Chou's manager, Mr. Heng?

5. Who is rumored to be on the mountain?

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