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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Fowler dismiss Pyle when he comes to visit?
(a) "Go away to your Third Force and play with your plastics."
(b) "Get out and grow up."
(c) "Go read some more of your York Harding books."
(d) "Get out of my house before I shoot you."

2. What does Fowler think of the speech the deputy Pope of Caodaism gives him?
(a) That it is incomprehensible.
(b) That it is the hope of the Vietnamese people.
(c) That it is canned and insincere.
(d) That is the sincere belief of the Caodaists.

3. What is Fowler's concern as he returns to his rooms after being in the hospital?
(a) That he would not be able to make it up the stairs.
(b) That Phuong had moved her family into his apartment.
(c) That Phuong will not be there.
(d) That the letter from his wife had been opened.

4. What did Fowler go to see in the other end of rue Catinat?
(a) A new movie house
(b) An art collection
(c) A used car
(d) An apartment for sale

5. What does Vigot say he dislikes most about his job?
(a) All the paperwork
(b) Chasing illegal gamblers
(c) Spending so much time in mortuaries
(d) The stupid people who work under him

6. Who does Fowler run into in Tanyin?
(a) Granger
(b) Miss Hei
(c) Vigot
(d) Pyle

7. What had Pyle done that was according to Harding's book?
(a) Recruited Vietminh to form a Third Force
(b) Brought in mercenaries to be a Third Force
(c) Formed a Third Force of 2,000 bandits and two tame tigers
(d) Built up a bicycle brigad to be his Third force

8. When Pyle arrives, why does he say he is surprised that Fowler gave him an invitation to visit?
(a) He thought Fowler had realized Pyle's good work.
(b) He thought Fowler wanted to apologize.
(c) He thought Fowler wanted to talk about Phuong.
(d) He thought Fowler was mad at him.

9. What was wrong with the bombing that day?
(a) Several Americans were killed accidentally.
(b) Pyle did not know they had cancelled the parade which was the main target.
(c) It was more powerful than they had planned.
(d) It was supposed to go off in the officers quarters.

10. Back in the present time, what does Fowler do to get Phuong out of the house when Vigot arrives?
(a) He sends her to the movies.
(b) He sends her to her sister.
(c) He hides her in a back room.
(d) He hide her under his bed.

11. What does Dominguez do when Fowler swats at a mosquito droning near his ear?
(a) He applauds.
(b) He winces.
(c) He kills it when Fowler misses.
(d) He gets the bug spray.

12. Returning home, who does Fowler find in his apartment?
(a) Pyle
(b) Vigot
(c) Joe
(d) Phuong

13. What is Helen's answer to Fowler about getting a divorce?
(a) Maybe, if he returns to England.
(b) She agrees.
(c) The answer is no.
(d) She needs more time to think.

14. When someone does knock on Fowler's door, who is it?
(a) Phuong
(b) Dominguez
(c) Mr. Chou
(d) Vigot

15. What weapon does Vigot say was used on Pyle?
(a) A Smaurai sword
(b) A meat cleaver
(c) A rusty bayonet
(d) A switchblade knife

Short Answer Questions

1. What comment does Vigot make when Fowler says that Pyle got mixed up.

2. What has made Vigot's day so long and tiring?

3. When Fowler's car runs out of gas, what does he have to do to get to a Vietnamese lookout?

4. What happens at the fountain in front of the big store?

5. What is Caodaism?

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