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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Fowler think of the speech the deputy Pope of Caodaism gives him?
(a) That is the sincere belief of the Caodaists.
(b) That it is the hope of the Vietnamese people.
(c) That it is incomprehensible.
(d) That it is canned and insincere.

2. What does Fowler discover at 3:00 a.m.?
(a) The men from the Surete are at his door.
(b) His apartment has been broken into.
(c) His opium has been stolen.
(d) Phuong has moved out.

3. Returning to the time after Pyle's murder, what does Vigot tell Fowler?
(a) They know who murdered Pyle.
(b) They found Pyle's dog with its throat cut.
(c) They cremated Pyle's body.
(d) They still have not found the dog.

4. What happens right after the American girls leave The Pavillon?
(a) Pyle enters with a disguised General The.
(b) A French woman comes to Fowler's table.
(c) It begins to rain heavily.
(d) A bomb goes off near the bar.

5. Why does Fowler want to read Phuong's thoughts?
(a) He thinks she is meeting Pyle.
(b) He thinks she knows something about the Vietminh.
(c) He thinks she is lonely.
(d) He thinks she wants to kill him.

6. After leaving the Attache's office, what does Fowler say he did in the men's lavatory?
(a) He stole the hand soap.
(b) He wrote on the mirror.
(c) He cried.
(d) He threw up.

7. What is Caodaism?
(a) A cult religion that blends Confucianism, Christianit, and Buddhism.
(b) A religion that started in Vietnam and spreak to Korea.
(c) A philosophy of a blend of communism and capitalism.
(d) A religious front for a counter military insurgency.

8. What is Fowler's reaction when the Pope's deputy holds out his hand with a huge ring on his finger?
(a) He shakes the deputy's hand.
(b) He leaves the way the deputy was pointing.
(c) He wonders how many karats it was.
(d) He refuses to kiss it.

9. What happens when someone comes demanding that Pyle and Fowler be brought down?
(a) Fowler is relieved that General The's men have come to get them.
(b) Pyle says it must be a French patrol he had been expecting.
(c) Fowler and Pyle find a back way out and escape.
(d) Fowler jumps and breaks his ankle; Pyle comes down the ladder; the tower explodes.

10. Who does Fowler run into in Tanyin?
(a) Pyle
(b) Vigot
(c) Granger
(d) Miss Hei

11. What does Mr. Heng ask Fowler?
(a) If Pyle knows York Harding.
(b) If Pyle is really his friend?
(c) If he really wants to stop Pyle.
(d) If he has any information about Pyle.

12. Why does Pyle want to take Phuong to America to get married?
(a) He thinks Phuong deserves a big, expenisve wedding.
(b) He wants to get her as far away from Fowler as he can.
(c) He thinks an Indochina marriage might not be legal.
(d) He thinks his mother would be there to acclimate Phuong.

13. Who is rumored to be on the mountain?
(a) The Pope's harem of 3,000 women
(b) The Buddha, Christ and Confucious
(c) A French radar unit
(d) General The and his troops

14. What does Captain Trouin say he hates most about the war?
(a) The dead children
(b) The long hours
(c) The night flights
(d) The napalm bombing

15. How does Fowler perceive the man who is selling the place?
(a) As an idealist like Pyle
(b) As an ugly American
(c) As an important government official
(d) As a remnant of the old colonialists

Short Answer Questions

1. When Fowler's car runs out of gas, what does he have to do to get to a Vietnamese lookout?

2. What had Pyle done that was according to Harding's book?

3. When Pyle arrives, why does he say he is surprised that Fowler gave him an invitation to visit?

4. What does Fowler wish he had the courage for after Vigot leaves?

5. Why does Fowler say he wants to find another flat?

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