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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do the two American girls hastily leave The Pavillon?
(a) They were hurrying to a hair salon appointment.
(b) Warren had warned them not to stay past eleven o'clock.
(c) They were going to a parade.
(d) One of them had a date at the movies.

2. What is Helen's answer to Fowler about getting a divorce?
(a) The answer is no.
(b) Maybe, if he returns to England.
(c) She needs more time to think.
(d) She agrees.

3. What had Pyle done that was according to Harding's book?
(a) Brought in mercenaries to be a Third Force
(b) Formed a Third Force of 2,000 bandits and two tame tigers
(c) Built up a bicycle brigad to be his Third force
(d) Recruited Vietminh to form a Third Force

4. What does Fowler learn from Mr. Chou's manager, Mr. Heng?
(a) That Pyle is buying military equipment from Mr. Chou.
(b) He sees plastics and a mold for Pyle that got opened by mistake.
(c) That Pyle is planning to kidnap Phuong.
(d) That the Economic Attache is receiving goods for Pyle.

5. Why does Fowler tell Pyle he should have a few bad motives?
(a) So he would end up in jail.
(b) So he could understand human beings better.
(c) So he could survive in Indochina.
(d) So he could use them to keep Phuong.

6. Who is rumored to be on the mountain?
(a) The Buddha, Christ and Confucious
(b) General The and his troops
(c) The Pope's harem of 3,000 women
(d) A French radar unit

7. Returning home, who does Fowler find in his apartment?
(a) Phuong
(b) Joe
(c) Pyle
(d) Vigot

8. What does Fowler later have to admit?
(a) That Pyle followed his instructions to the letter.
(b) That Phuong would have been better off with Pyle.
(c) That Pyle was really the better man.
(d) That he had sent Pyle on a fool's errand.

9. What does Fowler discover at Mr. Muoi's garage?
(a) The molds for making bombs are there.
(b) Muoi and his men all all gone; there is an old press there.
(c) There was a note from Pyle on Muoi's desk.
(d) Mr. Muoi had been shot.

10. What weapon does Vigot say was used on Pyle?
(a) A Smaurai sword
(b) A switchblade knife
(c) A meat cleaver
(d) A rusty bayonet

11. Who are the cardinals of Caodaism?
(a) They are monkeys from the sacred mountain.
(b) They are men from the villages.
(c) They are soldiers in disguise.
(d) They are all women.

12. How does Mr. Heng say he knew about the bomb in the Garnier?
(a) Pyle told him.
(b) It was on the radio.
(c) Someone called him.
(d) The police had been to Mr. Muoi's house.

13. What does Dominguez advise Fowler to do?
(a) Go see what Mr. Heng received yesterday
(b) Come and take him to the hsopital
(c) To meet Mr. Heng outside the big store on the Boulevard Charner
(d) Invite Mr. Heng to come to his house for dinner

14. How does Mr. Heng greet Fowler when he comes to visit?
(a) He is agitated because he was having a meeting.
(b) He tells Fowler to go away and he will contact him later.
(c) He is surprised that Fowler would come after the bombing.
(d) He says he is always glad to see him.

15. How does Mr. Heng express his agreement with Fowler?
(a) He says he agrees that it is not safe to ask too many questions.
(b) He says he agrees that Pyle is too young.
(c) He agrees that Pyle needs to be restrained.
(d) He says he agrees that Pyle had nothing to do with the bombs.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Fowler forced to do since Dominguez is out of commission?

2. What drink does Pyle offer Fowler in Tanyin?

3. What does Captain Trouin say he hates most about the war?

4. After Fowler leaves a message for Pyle, what does he think he might accomplish?

5. What has happened to Fowler's assistant, Dominguez?

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