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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Is Fowler listening closely to Pyle's ideas about war?
(a) No, and later he will regret it.
(b) No, because Pyle speaks poor French.
(c) Yes, but he soon forgets it.
(d) Yes, but he doesn't understand what he's saying.

2. What does the Attache put in the wire to Pyle's parents?
(a) That their son had died of heart failure.
(b) That their son had died of malaria.
(c) That their son had died a soldier's death in the cause of Democracy.
(d) That their son had been run over by a bus.

3. Who comes to the table to talk to Fowler while Pyle and Phuong are dancing?
(a) The Continental manager comes over to Fowler's table.
(b) A French soldier asks Fowler for a light.
(c) Miss Hei, Phuong's older sister, comes to speak to Fowler.
(d) Lieutenant Virot comes to join Fowler.

4. What does Fowler do to see who will win Phuong?
(a) He plays a dice game and suddenly tells Pyle that he's going back to England.
(b) He sends a message to London that Fowler has not returned from Phat Diem.
(c) He wires his new service and turns down the job.
(d) He proposes marriage to Phuong as soon as he can get a divorce.

5. What book does Pyle go on and on about?
(a) Democracy and the Eastern Cultures
(b) The Yellow Peril
(c) The History of War
(d) The Red Badge of Courage

6. What information does Fowler offer Pyle?
(a) He tells Pyle at what times of the day what roads and parts of town are safe.
(b) He tells Pyle where to find a great Vietnamese tailor.
(c) He tells Pyle where to find beautiful Vietnamese women.
(d) He tells Pyle how to bargain with a trishaw driver.

7. Instead of Pyle, who comes to Fowler's door after midnight?
(a) It is the landlord wanting to know why the lights are still on.
(b) It is Phuong's elder sister who is trying to get Phuong married to an American.
(c) It is a messenger from Vigot, a French officer who is a casual social acquaintance of Fowler.
(d) It is a messenger from the US embassy.

8. What are the results of the battle that follows the Vietminh's infiltration?
(a) The Vietminh are soundly defeated.
(b) Fowler is taken prisoner.
(c) Four days later this battle is an obvious defeat for the French.
(d) There are only Vietminh casualties.

9. What is Alden Pyle's publicly known job?
(a) He is a battery manufacturer.
(b) He works for the Economic Aid Mission.
(c) He works for Harvard University.
(d) He is a reporter for the New York Times.

10. Why does Fowler leave Phuong in the trishaw and go into the House of Five Hundred Girls?
(a) Fowler suddenly feels protective of Pyle and goes in to rescue him.
(b) Fowler wants to see if they have any new girls.
(c) Fowler thinks he hears gun shots.
(d) Fowler sees the policemen for the surete coming and goes to warn Pyle.

11. Why does Pyle suddenly want to leave the Continental?
(a) Pyle receives a phone call and says that he needs to go right away.
(b) Pyle sees that Phuong is going home with Fowler and he gets sad.
(c) Pyle sees someone across the room and thinks it might be trouble.
(d) A vulgar floorshow with female impersonators begins and Plyle thinks is not suitable for Phuong.

12. Who is the author of the books Pyle likes so much?
(a) York Harding
(b) Noel Coward
(c) Len Deighton
(d) Graham Greene

13. What does the French colonel tell the press corps about the war?
(a) That the French are winning but he will not give the number of casualties.
(b) That the Chinese are not backing the Vietminh.
(c) That the French defeated the Vietminh in Phat Diem.
(d) That the Americans are now supplying helicopters for the French.

14. What is the name of York's theory In which Pyle believes?
(a) The Last Stand
(b) The Mind's Eye
(c) The Third Force
(d) The Magnum Force

15. How was Pyle killed?
(a) Someone poured gasoline on him and set him on fire.
(b) Someone shot him in the head.
(c) Someone strangled him and threw his body in the river.
(d) Someone stabbed him before dumping his body in the mud and he drowned.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Fowler see when he goes out?

2. What is Pyle trying to hide but everyone suspects anyway?

3. What does Fowler think is Pyle's obsession?

4. What ridiculous suggestion does Pyle make?

5. Fowler translates for Phuong that Pyle loves her and wants to marry her. What is Phuong's response?

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