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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What book does Pyle go on and on about?
(a) The Yellow Peril
(b) Democracy and the Eastern Cultures
(c) The History of War
(d) The Red Badge of Courage

2. Why is Phuong unhappy with Pyle and not want to see him?
(a) Because he has not paid Hei any marriage money.
(b) Because he never came to see her while Fowler was away.
(c) Because he did not get the job for Hei.
(d) Because her sister does not approve of him.

3. What procession is formed in the city of Phat Diem?
(a) A Buddhist celebration procession
(b) A rice harvest festival parade
(c) A mock evacuation drill
(d) A procession to celebrate Our Lady of fatima

4. What rather obnoxious person comes to the table where Fowler, Joe the Attache, Pyle, and Phuong are seated?
(a) The British Consul.
(b) The American Finance Attache.
(c) A messenger from the surete.
(d) An American journalist named Granger.

5. What does a priest offer Fowler?
(a) To hear his confession
(b) To notify his relatives
(c) To let him stay in the rectory
(d) To give him a ride to Saigon

6. What does Fowler say to the priest about the sacrament of confession?
(a) In his blunt way, Fowler tells the priest that the rite seems unmanly and morbid to him.
(b) He tells the priest that he should find something more useful to do.
(c) He tells the priest that he only goes to confession once very ten years.
(d) He tells the priest that he is an atheist.

7. What information does Fowler offer Pyle?
(a) He tells Pyle where to find beautiful Vietnamese women.
(b) He tells Pyle at what times of the day what roads and parts of town are safe.
(c) He tells Pyle how to bargain with a trishaw driver.
(d) He tells Pyle where to find a great Vietnamese tailor.

8. What does Fowler have to say about General The?
(a) Fowler says that General The is actually now fighting both sides.
(b) He says General The is the hope for Vietnam.
(c) He says that General The is a figment of people's imaginations.
(d) He says that General The is going to come out of hiding soon.

9. What is Pyle's urgency to see Fowler?
(a) He wants Fowler to help him on a secret mission.
(b) He says Fowler is the only one he trusts.
(c) He wants to marry Phuong if she'll have him.
(d) He needs Forler to help him find general The.

10. What is the difference between Fowler and Pyle?
(a) Fowler knows all the big players; Pyle knew only the subordinates.
(b) Fowler understands Vietnam and loves it; Pyle did not understand Viet Nam and wanted to save it.
(c) Fowler has no fear; Pyle was afraid of his shadow.
(d) Fowler is new to the country; Pyle knew the risks he was taking.

11. What are the results of the battle that follows the Vietminh's infiltration?
(a) Four days later this battle is an obvious defeat for the French.
(b) Fowler is taken prisoner.
(c) There are only Vietminh casualties.
(d) The Vietminh are soundly defeated.

12. What restriction is imposed by the French after the battle of Phat Diem?
(a) No one is allowed near the river.
(b) No one can return to Saigon until reinforcements arrive.
(c) No journalists, including Fowler, are allowed to report it.
(d) No one can leave the area without a security check.

13. How do Fowler and the others eventually leave Phat Diem?
(a) They make a huge raft and go down the river that Fowler came up on.
(b) They are rescued at night by French helicopters.
(c) They stay in the cathedarl until the French retake the city.
(d) Fowler marches with others through farmland. Everyone's nerves are taut with fear yet it is very boring.

14. What about the meeting really surprises Fowler?
(a) Fowler is surprised to learn Hei is in the underground.
(b) Fowler observes that Pyle mysteriously has very good equipment.
(c) Fowler wonders why the Saigon surete is out there.
(d) Fowler does not understand why Granger would help him.

15. What alibi does Fowler give for his whereabouts?
(a) He says he was with Phuong all evening long.
(b) He says he was at the Continental and then saw a movie and later had dinner. People would remember him at these places.
(c) He says that he was at the clinic getting an allergy shot.
(d) He says he had a party at his house from seven until eleven.

Short Answer Questions

1. Besides Phuong, why does Fowler really want to stay in Vietnam?

2. Where and with whom is Thomas Fowler as The Quiet American begins?

3. What does Miss Hei tell Pyle when he and Phuong return to the table?

4. Who surprises Fowler by showing up during the march out of Phat Diem?

5. What does Fowler do to see who will win Phuong?

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