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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Fowler say when Phuong says Miss Hei does not believe he will marry her?
(a) He tells her that he had lied; he isn't married after all.
(b) He tells her he can marry her without getting a divorce.
(c) He tells her he just wrote a letter to his wife asking for a divorce.
(d) He tells her they can live together and his wife will divorce him.

2. Why is the American Attache upset?
(a) He knows Pyle's father.
(b) He thinks the French should stay out of it.
(c) He is upset seeing Fowler on the scene.
(d) He wis called out of bed to come to Pyle's apartment.

3. Who comes to the table to talk to Fowler while Pyle and Phuong are dancing?
(a) The Continental manager comes over to Fowler's table.
(b) Miss Hei, Phuong's older sister, comes to speak to Fowler.
(c) A French soldier asks Fowler for a light.
(d) Lieutenant Virot comes to join Fowler.

4. How was Pyle killed?
(a) Someone strangled him and threw his body in the river.
(b) Someone stabbed him before dumping his body in the mud and he drowned.
(c) Someone shot him in the head.
(d) Someone poured gasoline on him and set him on fire.

5. What rather obnoxious person comes to the table where Fowler, Joe the Attache, Pyle, and Phuong are seated?
(a) A messenger from the surete.
(b) The American Finance Attache.
(c) An American journalist named Granger.
(d) The British Consul.

6. Where do the people take refuge?
(a) Greene says that they started the long walk back to Saigon.
(b) Greene describes people taking refuge in the Cathedral.
(c) Greene writes that the people hid in the rice paddys.
(d) Greene says they people stayed in the French Consulate.

7. What is the conflicting report about the war in the North?
(a) Some say the Americans are pulling out and others say the Germans are coming.
(b) Granger says General The is fighting with the French and the attache says General The is dead.
(c) Granger says the French are doing well in the northwest, but the Attaché reports that the Vietminh are about to take Phat Diem.
(d) The attache says the Vietminh are retreating but Granger says they are coming to Saigon.

8. What does Phuong tell Vigot about her and Pyle?
(a) She pretends she does not understand and does not reply.
(b) She says that Pyle is her sister's boyfriend.
(c) She says that for the past month she has been living with Pyle. They will be married soon.
(d) She says there is nothing going on between her and Pyle.

9. What does Fowler do to see who will win Phuong?
(a) He sends a message to London that Fowler has not returned from Phat Diem.
(b) He proposes marriage to Phuong as soon as he can get a divorce.
(c) He plays a dice game and suddenly tells Pyle that he's going back to England.
(d) He wires his new service and turns down the job.

10. What is Fowler thinking as he watches Pyle and Phuong dancing?
(a) He thinks about what a good dancer Pyle is.
(b) Fowler recalls how she used to dance at the Grand Monde.
(c) He thinks about his opium pipe.
(d) He thinks about his late wife.

11. What does Fowler find when he returns to Saigon?
(a) Pyle is staying in his apartment
(b) Phuong has moved out of his apartment
(c) A message from the surete to contact them immediately
(d) A letter from Pyle

12. Why is Phuong unhappy with Pyle and not want to see him?
(a) Because her sister does not approve of him.
(b) Because he never came to see her while Fowler was away.
(c) Because he has not paid Hei any marriage money.
(d) Because he did not get the job for Hei.

13. What feeling does Vigot reveal about Pyle's murder?
(a) He is sad that they got Pyle instead of some outrageous American.
(b) He says he has no feeling because he never met Pyle.
(c) Vigot says he is not sorry that Pyle is dead because he was causing a lot of harm.
(d) He cannot believe someone would kill such a gentle person.

14. Fowler has a good story, so why does he not send it?
(a) He realizes it will not pass government censorship.
(b) He thinks it might demoralize the troops.
(c) He doesn't have photos to back his story up.
(d) He doesn't believe anyone will believe it.

15. Who is the author of the books Pyle likes so much?
(a) Graham Greene
(b) Noel Coward
(c) York Harding
(d) Len Deighton

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Pyle see himself?

2. What does Fowler think is Pyle's obsession?

3. What are the results of the battle that follows the Vietminh's infiltration?

4. When things settle down at the House of the Five Hundred Girls, where do Pyle, Fowler and Phuong go?

5. What does Vigot allow Fowler to do in Pyle's apartment?

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