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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Fowler say when Phuong says Miss Hei does not believe he will marry her?
(a) He tells her they can live together and his wife will divorce him.
(b) He tells her he just wrote a letter to his wife asking for a divorce.
(c) He tells her that he had lied; he isn't married after all.
(d) He tells her he can marry her without getting a divorce.

2. What is Graham Greene's definition of the quiet American?
(a) The Teddy Roosevelt type who speaks softly but carries a big stick.
(b) Not the obnoxious pushy kind of person that is often the stereotype of Americans in foreign countries.
(c) An American who has lost his voice.
(d) An American who works alone in a large office.

3. What is the conflicting report about the war in the North?
(a) The attache says the Vietminh are retreating but Granger says they are coming to Saigon.
(b) Granger says the French are doing well in the northwest, but the Attaché reports that the Vietminh are about to take Phat Diem.
(c) Some say the Americans are pulling out and others say the Germans are coming.
(d) Granger says General The is fighting with the French and the attache says General The is dead.

4. Why does Fowler leave Phuong in the trishaw and go into the House of Five Hundred Girls?
(a) Fowler suddenly feels protective of Pyle and goes in to rescue him.
(b) Fowler sees the policemen for the surete coming and goes to warn Pyle.
(c) Fowler wants to see if they have any new girls.
(d) Fowler thinks he hears gun shots.

5. What does Phuong want to see?
(a) Princess Margaret and Buckingham Palace
(b) London and New York
(c) Skyscrapers and the Statue of Liberty
(d) Paris and Niagra Falls

6. What letters does Fowler write to be mailed from Hong Kong by a departing journalist?
(a) One to his mother in Essex and one to his lawyer to start divorce proceedings.
(b) One to an American news service asking for a job and and one to his paper with his resignation.
(c) One to the British Intelligence asking for information on Pyle and one to his son in Liverpool.
(d) One to his wife asking for a divorce and one to his paper aksing to stay in Saigon.

7. What is it about Pyle that particularly annoys Fowler?
(a) Pyle's attitude of moral superiority because he doesn't smoke opium.
(b) Pyle's secretive nature that hints he is someone important.
(c) Pyle's cockiness that, given a choice, Phuong will choose him over Fowler.
(d) Pyle's ignorance of his own naivte.

8. What does Fowler dream after he finally falls asleep?
(a) He finally falls asleep and dreams of Pyle and Phuong dancing.
(b) He dreams of taking his opium pipe at home.
(c) He dreams of fine food and wine.
(d) He dreams of walking in the meadows of England.

9. When things settle down at the House of the Five Hundred Girls, where do Pyle, Fowler and Phuong go?
(a) They go to Pyle's apartment.
(b) They go to Fowler's apartment.
(c) The go to the Grand Monde.
(d) Granger stays there but Fowler and Pyle go back to the Continental with Phuong.

10. Why does Vigot tell Fowler he is a suspect in the murder?
(a) Fowler is a suspect because he owed Pyle a lot of money.
(b) Fowler is a suspect because he is part of a lover's triangle.
(c) Fowler is a suspect because Pyle had threatened to kill him.
(d) Fowler is a suspect because he knew Pyle was a double agent.

11. How does Joe the Attache speak crudely about Phuong?
(a) He refers to Phuong as Fowler's piece of tail.
(b) He refers to all Vietnamese women as whores.
(c) He asks Phuong what she charges by the hour.
(d) He brags that he once had her when she worked in the dancehall.

12. How does the telegram affect Fowler?
(a) He knows he won't get his opium pipes in London.
(b) He is angry that they did not consult him first.
(c) He nearly jumps for joy at getting out of Vietnam.
(d) The telegram makes him sad; if he leaves, it means Phuong will marry Pyle.

13. Where do Pyle and Fowler want to go?
(a) They both want to go to Bangkok.
(b) They say they would like to go to Cambodia.
(c) Both Pyle and Fowler express interest in going to Phat Diem to access the situation.
(d) Pyle wants to go to America and Fowler wants to go to England.

14. What does Miss Hei tell Pyle when he and Phuong return to the table?
(a) Miss Hei tells Pyle that the dance will cost him one thousand francs.
(b) Miss Hei tells Pyle that Phuong has a younger sister he can have.
(c) Miss Hei tells Pyle that Phuong is a perfect match for Fowler.
(d) Miss Hei tells Pyle that Phuong is the most beautiful woman in Saigon and needs care and protection.

15. What is Phuong's favorite reading subject matter?
(a) The stock market in the Wall Street Journal
(b) The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire
(c) The British Royal Family, especially Princess Margaret
(d) The latest scandals in Hollywood

Short Answer Questions

1. What seems to be Vigot's main concern?

2. Who comes to the table to talk to Fowler while Pyle and Phuong are dancing?

3. How does Pyle treat Phuong when they first meet?

4. What ridiculous suggestion does Pyle make?

5. What happens to wounded French soldiers when no helicopters are available to rescue them?

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