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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2 Chapter 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After Pyle leaves, how long does it take Fowler to get to Saigon?
(a) Three weeks
(b) Three days
(c) Two months
(d) Ten days

2. What is it about Pyle that particularly annoys Fowler?
(a) Pyle's attitude of moral superiority because he doesn't smoke opium.
(b) Pyle's ignorance of his own naivte.
(c) Pyle's secretive nature that hints he is someone important.
(d) Pyle's cockiness that, given a choice, Phuong will choose him over Fowler.

3. Why does Fowler go to Pyle's apartment?
(a) To pick up Phuong's things
(b) To look for clues
(c) To find a book he had lent Pyle
(d) To meeti with Vigot

4. What is Pyle's urgency to see Fowler?
(a) He says Fowler is the only one he trusts.
(b) He wants Fowler to help him on a secret mission.
(c) He wants to marry Phuong if she'll have him.
(d) He needs Forler to help him find general The.

5. What does Fowler think is Pyle's obsession?
(a) Getting Coca Cola into every country in the world
(b) Politics and York Harding's theory of democracy and public policy
(c) Taking out corrupt politicians in countries friendly to the USA
(d) Weeding corrupt administrators out of charities

Short Answer Questions

1. What information does Fowler offer Pyle?

2. How does Fowler see most of the men in the press corps?

3. What is in the telegram Fowler receives form London?

4. What does Phuong tell Vigot about her and Pyle?

5. What does Pyle say about his importing plastics?

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