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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1 Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Fowler see when he goes out?
(a) He sees that the town was not touched and most people are alive.
(b) He sees bodies and body parts floating in canals, some covered with flies, some lying dead on the road.
(c) He sees that the United Nations is there to help the survivors.
(d) He sees that the Vietminh have set up a hospital to treat the wounded.

2. How does Pyle tell Fowler he got to Phat Diem?
(a) Pyle tells Fowler he hiked the whole way.
(b) Pyle says he came in a military Jeep.
(c) Pyle relates how he came to Phat Diem alone and by boat.
(d) Pyle says he parachuetted out of a plane.

3. What does Fowler think about the prospects of the French holding the north?
(a) He thinks the French will pull out and leave it for the communists.
(b) He thinks it will be a decades long standoff.
(c) He thinks that the French can hold Northern Vietnam if the Chinese don't intervene.
(d) He thinks the French will have to bring in allies to help.

4. What is the conflicting report about the war in the North?
(a) Granger says General The is fighting with the French and the attache says General The is dead.
(b) Granger says the French are doing well in the northwest, but the Attaché reports that the Vietminh are about to take Phat Diem.
(c) Some say the Americans are pulling out and others say the Germans are coming.
(d) The attache says the Vietminh are retreating but Granger says they are coming to Saigon.

5. What does Vigot allow Fowler to do in Pyle's apartment?
(a) Take one of Pyle's York Harding books
(b) Rearrange Pyle's library
(c) Wipe Phuong's fingerprints off everything
(d) Take a photograph of Phuong that was by Pyle's bed

Short Answer Questions

1. What is it about Pyle that particularly annoys Fowler?

2. What seems to be Vigot's main concern?

3. What does Miss Hei want from Fowler?

4. Why does Fowler leave Phuong in the trishaw and go into the House of Five Hundred Girls?

5. In contrast to the American press corps men, how does Fowler assess Pyle?

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