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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1 Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is it about Pyle that particularly annoys Fowler?
(a) Pyle's ignorance of his own naivte.
(b) Pyle's attitude of moral superiority because he doesn't smoke opium.
(c) Pyle's cockiness that, given a choice, Phuong will choose him over Fowler.
(d) Pyle's secretive nature that hints he is someone important.

2. Fowler has a good story, so why does he not send it?
(a) He thinks it might demoralize the troops.
(b) He doesn't believe anyone will believe it.
(c) He realizes it will not pass government censorship.
(d) He doesn't have photos to back his story up.

3. What does Fowler dream after he finally falls asleep?
(a) He dreams of walking in the meadows of England.
(b) He dreams of taking his opium pipe at home.
(c) He finally falls asleep and dreams of Pyle and Phuong dancing.
(d) He dreams of fine food and wine.

4. What seems to be Vigot's main concern?
(a) Bribing Fowler to let him have Phuong
(b) Pinning the crime on Fowler
(c) Writing up a report that will pass the scrutiny of his superiors
(d) Finishing and going to the bar

5. Why does Fowler leave Phuong in the trishaw and go into the House of Five Hundred Girls?
(a) Fowler wants to see if they have any new girls.
(b) Fowler suddenly feels protective of Pyle and goes in to rescue him.
(c) Fowler sees the policemen for the surete coming and goes to warn Pyle.
(d) Fowler thinks he hears gun shots.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Fowler do to see who will win Phuong?

2. What is the name of York's theory In which Pyle believes?

3. Besides Phuong, why does Fowler really want to stay in Vietnam?

4. What does Fowler think is Pyle's obsession?

5. Instead of Pyle, who comes to Fowler's door after midnight?

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