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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1 Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Fowler think about the prospects of the French holding the north?
(a) He thinks that the French can hold Northern Vietnam if the Chinese don't intervene.
(b) He thinks it will be a decades long standoff.
(c) He thinks the French will pull out and leave it for the communists.
(d) He thinks the French will have to bring in allies to help.

2. Why does Vigot tell Fowler he is a suspect in the murder?
(a) Fowler is a suspect because Pyle had threatened to kill him.
(b) Fowler is a suspect because he owed Pyle a lot of money.
(c) Fowler is a suspect because he is part of a lover's triangle.
(d) Fowler is a suspect because he knew Pyle was a double agent.

3. Where and with whom is Thomas Fowler as The Quiet American begins?
(a) He is at the Continental having a cappuccino with his editor.
(b) He is flying into Saigon from a trip he made to England.
(c) He is walking along the beach on the China Sea.
(d) The story opens with Fowler in his rooms over the rue Catinat in Saigon with his beautiful young lover Phuong.

4. Who comes to the table to talk to Fowler while Pyle and Phuong are dancing?
(a) A French soldier asks Fowler for a light.
(b) Lieutenant Virot comes to join Fowler.
(c) Miss Hei, Phuong's older sister, comes to speak to Fowler.
(d) The Continental manager comes over to Fowler's table.

5. What is the name of York's theory In which Pyle believes?
(a) The Magnum Force
(b) The Third Force
(c) The Mind's Eye
(d) The Last Stand

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the difference between Fowler and Pyle?

2. What is Graham Greene's definition of the quiet American?

3. What does Miss Hei want from Fowler?

4. What is Phuong's favorite reading subject matter?

5. What is Alden Pyle's Passion?

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