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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1 Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Vigot tell Fowler he is a suspect in the murder?
(a) Fowler is a suspect because he is part of a lover's triangle.
(b) Fowler is a suspect because he knew Pyle was a double agent.
(c) Fowler is a suspect because he owed Pyle a lot of money.
(d) Fowler is a suspect because Pyle had threatened to kill him.

2. Returning to the night Fowler met Pyle, where was he?
(a) He was strolling along the rue Catinat.
(b) He was meeting Vigot at the surete.
(c) He was fishing in the river.
(d) He and Phuong were dining at the Continental.

3. Fowler, who is British, has developed what feeling about Vietnam?
(a) Fowler muses to himself that after two years in Viet Nam, it is truly more his home than Britain.
(b) Fowler cannot wait to get back to fish and chips in a London pub.
(c) Fowler sees Vietnam as a hell hole that will implode one day.
(d) Fowler hates Vietnam but loves some of his friends there.

4. Why does Vigot speak softly to Fowler?
(a) Vigot tells Fowler that Phuong is a spy.
(b) Vigot gives Fowler a message from Pyle.
(c) Vigot offers to buy Phuong.
(d) Vigot tells him that Pyle has been murdered.

5. What does Pyle notice the first time Fowler meets him?
(a) That Fowler is left-handed.
(b) The spies who are trailing Fowler.
(c) The time on the big clock in the square.
(d) The Milk Fountain where Vietnamese people buy malted milks.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Fowler leave Phuong in the trishaw and go into the House of Five Hundred Girls?

2. While waiting for Pyle who is three hours late, what does Phuong do for Fowler?

3. What rather obnoxious person comes to the table where Fowler, Joe the Attache, Pyle, and Phuong are seated?

4. Who is the author of the books Pyle likes so much?

5. How was Pyle killed?

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