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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1 Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. While waiting for Pyle who is three hours late, what does Phuong do for Fowler?
(a) She reads Photoplay Magazine to him.
(b) She mixes him a martini and rolls him a cigar.
(c) Phuong prepares an opium pipe for Fowler, who smokes it, and then smokes another.
(d) She does an exotic dance for him like she used to do in the bar.

2. How was Pyle killed?
(a) Someone shot him in the head.
(b) Someone strangled him and threw his body in the river.
(c) Someone poured gasoline on him and set him on fire.
(d) Someone stabbed him before dumping his body in the mud and he drowned.

3. Why does Vigot speak softly to Fowler?
(a) Vigot offers to buy Phuong.
(b) Vigot gives Fowler a message from Pyle.
(c) Vigot tells Fowler that Phuong is a spy.
(d) Vigot tells him that Pyle has been murdered.

4. What is Graham Greene's definition of the quiet American?
(a) The Teddy Roosevelt type who speaks softly but carries a big stick.
(b) Not the obnoxious pushy kind of person that is often the stereotype of Americans in foreign countries.
(c) An American who has lost his voice.
(d) An American who works alone in a large office.

5. What makes Vigot even more suspicious of Fowler?
(a) Fowler does not act surprised when he finds out Pyle is dead, and that adds to Vigot's suspicions.
(b) Fowler does not ask Vigot if there are any other suspects.
(c) Fowler does not offer an alibi for his whereabouts that night.
(d) Fowler becomes unconsolable when he learns of Pyle's death.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of York's theory In which Pyle believes?

2. What offer does Pyle make to Miss Hei?

3. When things settle down at the House of the Five Hundred Girls, where do Pyle, Fowler and Phuong go?

4. Who comes to the table to talk to Fowler while Pyle and Phuong are dancing?

5. Where do Granger, Joe and Pyle decide to go?

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