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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 4 Chapter 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Fowler get to the city of Phat Diem?
(a) He flies with the French troops.
(b) He takes the train.
(c) Fowler goes by boat to the city of Phat Diem.
(d) He drives with Pyle.

2. What is Lieutenant Peraud's obsession?
(a) Peraud is mad about Vietnamese art.
(b) Peraud is infatuated with every woman he meets.
(c) Peraud is devoted to Our Lady of Fatima.
(d) Peraud has a phobia against germs.

3. Why does Fowler want to read Phuong's thoughts?
(a) He thinks she knows something about the Vietminh.
(b) He thinks she is lonely.
(c) He thinks she is meeting Pyle.
(d) He thinks she wants to kill him.

4. What is behind the Holy See as one approaches Tanyin?
(a) The palaces of the Pope of Caodaism
(b) The sacred mountain that looks like a bowler hat.
(c) The waterfalls of antiquity
(d) A dark jungle

5. Who is rumored to be on the mountain?
(a) General The and his troops
(b) The Buddha, Christ and Confucious
(c) A French radar unit
(d) The Pope's harem of 3,000 women

Short Answer Questions

1. After Pyle leaves, what does Phuong do for Fowler?

2. After leaving the Attache's office, what does Fowler say he did in the men's lavatory?

3. What is Fowler's reaction when the Pope's deputy holds out his hand with a huge ring on his finger?

4. What ridiculous suggestion does Pyle make?

5. What does Miss Hei want from Fowler?

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