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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1 Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What book does Pyle go on and on about?
(a) The Yellow Peril
(b) The Red Badge of Courage
(c) Democracy and the Eastern Cultures
(d) The History of War

2. Why is the American Attache upset?
(a) He is upset seeing Fowler on the scene.
(b) He knows Pyle's father.
(c) He thinks the French should stay out of it.
(d) He wis called out of bed to come to Pyle's apartment.

3. What does Fowler see when he goes out?
(a) He sees that the Vietminh have set up a hospital to treat the wounded.
(b) He sees bodies and body parts floating in canals, some covered with flies, some lying dead on the road.
(c) He sees that the town was not touched and most people are alive.
(d) He sees that the United Nations is there to help the survivors.

4. What does Phuong tell Vigot about her and Pyle?
(a) She pretends she does not understand and does not reply.
(b) She says that for the past month she has been living with Pyle. They will be married soon.
(c) She says there is nothing going on between her and Pyle.
(d) She says that Pyle is her sister's boyfriend.

5. What does a priest offer Fowler?
(a) To hear his confession
(b) To give him a ride to Saigon
(c) To notify his relatives
(d) To let him stay in the rectory

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Vigot speak softly to Fowler?

2. What does Fowler think about the prospects of the French holding the north?

3. What does Fowler have to say about General The?

4. What is Fowler thinking as he watches Pyle and Phuong dancing?

5. What does the Attache put in the wire to Pyle's parents?

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