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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2 Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Pyle suddenly want to leave the Continental?
(a) A vulgar floorshow with female impersonators begins and Plyle thinks is not suitable for Phuong.
(b) Pyle sees someone across the room and thinks it might be trouble.
(c) Pyle sees that Phuong is going home with Fowler and he gets sad.
(d) Pyle receives a phone call and says that he needs to go right away.

2. What is in the telegram Fowler receives form London?
(a) He is fired for not turning in any reports.
(b) They want his report of Phat Diem.
(c) He has been promoted to foreign editor. He will be leaving Vietnam for a desk job in London.
(d) They want him to interview the French commanding general.

3. Returning to the night Fowler met Pyle, where was he?
(a) He was meeting Vigot at the surete.
(b) He was strolling along the rue Catinat.
(c) He was fishing in the river.
(d) He and Phuong were dining at the Continental.

4. What is the conflicting report about the war in the North?
(a) Some say the Americans are pulling out and others say the Germans are coming.
(b) Granger says the French are doing well in the northwest, but the Attaché reports that the Vietminh are about to take Phat Diem.
(c) Granger says General The is fighting with the French and the attache says General The is dead.
(d) The attache says the Vietminh are retreating but Granger says they are coming to Saigon.

5. Who gets a job for Miss Hei with the Americans?
(a) Thomas Fowler
(b) Phuong
(c) Joe, the Economic Attache
(d) Alden Pyle

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the telegram affect Fowler?

2. Why does Miss Hei not like Fowler?

3. What happens to wounded French soldiers when no helicopters are available to rescue them?

4. Why does Fowler go to Pyle's apartment?

5. What ridiculous suggestion does Pyle make?

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