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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3 Chapter 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens when someone comes demanding that Pyle and Fowler be brought down?
(a) Fowler is relieved that General The's men have come to get them.
(b) Pyle says it must be a French patrol he had been expecting.
(c) Fowler and Pyle find a back way out and escape.
(d) Fowler jumps and breaks his ankle; Pyle comes down the ladder; the tower explodes.

2. What does a priest offer Fowler?
(a) To give him a ride to Saigon
(b) To notify his relatives
(c) To hear his confession
(d) To let him stay in the rectory

3. Who surprises Fowler by showing up during the march out of Phat Diem?
(a) Vigot
(b) Granger
(c) Pyle
(d) Hei

4. Where do the people take refuge?
(a) Greene says they people stayed in the French Consulate.
(b) Greene writes that the people hid in the rice paddys.
(c) Greene describes people taking refuge in the Cathedral.
(d) Greene says that they started the long walk back to Saigon.

5. What do Caodaists' churches look like?
(a) Green domes with a hole in the top
(b) Stone squares with minarets at the four corners
(c) Pink and blue with a huge eye of God over the door
(d) Golden pagodas

Short Answer Questions

1. What is behind the Holy See as one approaches Tanyin?

2. What was wrong with the bombing that day?

3. What does Fowler say to the priest about the sacrament of confession?

4. How do the Vietminh infiltrate the city?

5. Why do the two American girls hastily leave The Pavillon?

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