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The Milk Fountain

A place to get a mouthful of malted milk and an earful of gossip.

The Continental

Everyone meets everyone else at this popular hotel and restaurant in Saigon.


Pyle is smuggling this ingredient from the United States to be used in explosives.


A drug Fowler thinks makes him less emotional and more Eastern in his outlook.


Pyle's big black dog that is murdered along with Pyle.

York Harding

An intellectual author who advocates a Third Force in Vietnam.

Economic Mission

Pyle's cover position in Vietnam. In reality, he is a secret American agent.

The Third Force

The idea that neither Communism nor colonialism will save Vietnam, but rather another entity is necessary.

The Vietminh

Formed by General Ho Chi Minh to remove foreign domination from Vietnam after World War II.


A three wheeled cycle with a passenger seat in the back...

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