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Lesson 1 (from Part 1 Chapter 1)


Part 1 Chapter 1

The student will hear background on the French war in Indochina before the Americans entered the Vietnam conflict.

The student will take notes on the author Graham Greene.


1. The teacher will give students background information on the war in French Indochina that became known as the Vietnam War when the Americans took over the war against the Communist forces of Ho Chi Minh.

2. The teacher will lecture and the students will take notes on Graham Greene and his writing.

3. The novel, The Quiet American, is one of his books written in the espionage and war genre and became a hallmark of Greene's public recognition.


Read Part 1, Chapter 1

Pay attention to how the story begins with the murder of Pyle and look for clues as to what the real mystery is.

Notice the effects on opium smoking in this chapter.

Lesson 2 (from Part 1 Chapter 1)



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