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Wall Montage

Under a heading that says VIETNAM, collect pictures of beautiful Vietnamese scenery and surviving French colonial buildings and put them up on the wall as a montage.

Make a Map

Make a three-dimensional map of Vietnam and indicate the main locations mentioned in the novel. The map can be made with papier mache or other suitable material.

Watch the Movie

Find a DVD of The Quiet American that was released in 2002 starring Michael Caine as Thomas Fowler. Caine received an Academy Award nomination for his role.

Find a Telegram

Look for an old telegram that might resemble one in the 1950's and bring it to class.

Princess Margaret Scrapbook

Search online or old magazine photos and make a scrapbook about the member of the Royal Family of Great Britain (ca 1950) that Phuong loved to read about.

Learn about the Culture

Invite a Vietnamese person to come...

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