The Quiet American Character Descriptions

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Alden Pyle

The "quiet American" of the title. He is the opposite of a stereotypical loud obnoxious American in a Hawaiian shirt with a camera.

Thomas Fowler

The narrator of the book, he is a British journalist in late middle age who has been in Vietnam for several years.


A beautiful young Vietnamese girl who worked as a hired dancer at the Grande Monde before moving in with Fowler.

Miss Hei

Phuong's older sister who considers it her mission in life to get Phuong married to a Westerner who can support their family.


An agent of the French Surete and the person who investigates Pyle's murder.


The stereotypical bad American who drinks too much and uses foreign women as toys but is devoted to his own family.


A French pilot who tries to convince Fowler to take sides in the war.

General The


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