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Part 1 Chapter 1

• Thomas Fowler waits for an appointment with Alden Pyle but he never shows up.

• Fowler's lover who had left him for Pyle is waiting in the dark outside his apartment when he gets home.

• Phuong makes an opium pipe ready for Fowler, who takes three more after that.

• A policeman comes to take Fowler and Phuong to the Surete.
• The French policeman interrogates Fowler and Phuong and finally tells Fowler that Pyle has been murdered.

• Fowler knows he is a suspect because of Phuong.

• Vigot asks Fowler about how he first met Pyle.
• They go to the mortuary where Fowler identifies the body.

• Fowler gives Vigot his detailed alibi for last night when Pyle was murdered.

• Vigot says that Pyle was doing a lot of harm.

• Back at the apartment, Fowler explains to Phuong that Pyle is dead. She shows no reaction.

Part 1 Chapter 2

• A flashback...

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