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Daniel Waterhouse lives here.

College of the Holy and Undivided Trinity

This is where Daniel first meets and befriends Isaac Newton.


This is where Newton's family home is located.


This is where Comstock's seat is located and is where Daniel studies Natural Philosophy under Wilkins and Hooke during the Plague of 1665.


This is the ship Daniel takes from Massachusetts to London. Captain van Hoek is the captain of the Minerva.

Gresham College

In 1672, Daniel works with Hooke here.

London Bridge

Daniel first meets Leibniz here.

Gunfleet House

The Royal Society often holds their meetings here.

Isle of Dogs

The Shaftoes are from here.


Jack Shaftoe joins the military to expel the Turks from this place.


Jack and Eliza spend the winter of 1683-1684 in this place near a hot spring.


Jack and Eliza travel here for a Fair in the spring...

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