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Section 1: Quicksilver, pages 1-69

• Enoch lands in Boston and sees a woman being hung for witchcraft. He hopes nobody there sees his alchemy books in the saddle bags.

• Enoch is led to Daniel's house by Ben Franklin who is a boy. Enoch has come to bring a message from Princess Caroline for Daniel.

• The Princess wants Daniel to come and stop a feud between Isaac Newton and another philosopher. Daniel was friends with Newton at college.

• Daniel went to Trinity college and saw a boy murdered when he tried to protect a wench.

• Daniel did nothing as he thought the judgement day would come in 5 years and the murdered would be punished then.

• Daniel was mocked and isolated because of this. He became best friends with Isaac Newton as he too was isolated.

• Daniel began studying Natural Philosophy with Newton and found it very interesting.

• Daniel agreed to...

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