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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Irene attributes Brian's complete withdrawal to
(a) His newfound happiness in his marriage.
(b) His increased satisfaction with his job.
(c) His sense of guilt.
(d) His continued longing to be in South America.

2. Does Irene want Clare in her life again?
(a) Perhaps, with conditions.
(b) Absolutely not.
(c) Desperately.
(d) She is ambivalent.

3. In Chicago, Clare's husband
(a) Spoke of his unconditional love for people.
(b) Claimed he had Negro blood.
(c) Asked Irene to leave.
(d) Denegrated and insulted the black race.

4. Why does Irene think Hugh Wentworth wants to come to Negro events?
(a) Because he wants to see black people.
(b) Because he is a voyeur.
(c) Because he is attracted to black women.
(d) Because he is self-righteous.

5. What is the implication that surrounds Clare's rich white male companions?
(a) They are paying a good price for Clare's company.
(b) They pay Clare for housekeeping.
(c) They find Clare to be a good dancer.
(d) They find Clare to be a hard worker.

Short Answer Questions

1. As to Clare's motives, Irene is

2. At the Redfields' private dinner table, Clare is

3. Brian demands that Irene

4. At all costs, Irene does not want to

5. Helga has developed a new appreciation for

Short Essay Questions

1. Discuss how giving birth to her fourth child seems to be Helga's breaking point. Why does this happen? What does the death of her infant symbolize?

2. What is the author's intention when she puts the two women together in the hotel restaurant scene? What conclusions can we draw from Irene's memory of that day?

3. Clare attends the Negro League dance with Brian and Irene. What does the dance symbolize in the story? Why is Irene careful to arrange a ride home for Clare?

4. After two years pass, Clare again wants to become involved in Irene's life. Is Irene's reaction negative or positive? Explain her reaction.

5. How does this time in Helga's life compare to other times? Is it similar or different? In what ways?

6. What do we learn about the marriage of Irene and Brian Redfield in this chapter? Is it healthy? Is it durable? Why, or why not?

7. Things have taken a turn for the worse at the Redfields'. What are the clues that the story is inching toward a conclusion as it pertains to the Redfields and Clare Kendry? What conclusions can we draw about this section of the story?

8. What is your initial assessment of Clare Kendry? Do we know enough about her in these first two chapters to draw any conclusions about her? If so, what would they be?

9. Why do you suppose Clare is pushing herself so rigorously to get involved in Irene's life? Why has she not chosen, for instance, Gertrude, to reacquaint her with the black culture? What is the particular attraction to Irene?

10. Is there anything we can deduce about Irene's response to Clare's letter without knowing the whole story? If so, what are they?

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