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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Helga found her job with the help of
(a) A teacher in downtown Chicago.
(b) A small personnel agency.
(c) Mrs. Haye-Rore.
(d) The local YWCA.

2. The conversations at the tea Helga attends
(a) Excite her.
(b) Bore and exasperate her.
(c) Make her irritable.
(d) Make her want to serve her race.

3. In her discomfort about not fitting in, Helga realizes
(a) She is better than these people.
(b) She loves to travel.
(c) Her feelings are hurt.
(d) She does not want to fit in.

4. Margaret Creighton is
(a) Afraid Helga might be ill.
(b) Worried about losing her job.
(c) Concerned for Helga's career.
(d) A lost soul.

5. Helga finally finds work as
(a) A librarian.
(b) A housekeeper.
(c) A personal assistant.
(d) A teacher.

Short Answer Questions

1. Helga thinks she has now

2. Helga's aunt Katrina wants Helga to

3. How does Helga feel about the encounter with Uncle Peter's wife?

4. Why does her uncle's wife reject Helga?

5. In her aunt' home, Helga's innate desire for things

Short Essay Questions

1. Devastated over losing what she secretly hoped would develop into an affair with Anderson, Helga's depression returns. Discuss the worship service that she happens upon, and its symbolism.

2. Why does Helga's lack of references hurt her job search? Why does she have no references?

3. What is the YWCA and why is Helga there? Is this a safe haven for her? Does it meet her high living standards?

4. Discuss Uncle Poul's reaction to Helga's weeping. Is he a kind man? A loving uncle? Why or why not?

5. Why did Uncle Peter's wife reject Helga? Is she an unreasonable woman? Is she cruel? Explain your answers.

6. Why does Helga feel free on the ship on her way to Denmark? Does being isolated in the middle of the ocean have any effect on her? If so, what?

7. What is the point of Larsen's description of Helga's response to the music at the club? What does the jungle animal description prove? Is this a racist passage?

8. Why does Helga return to Harlem? Discuss her newfound spiritual ties to the black population here. Is it the same connection she felt before? Why, or why not?

9. What is Dr. Anderson's attitude toward the troubles of society? Is he an idealist, or is he a wise man? Use examples to answer.

10. Why would Helga become alienated in a school for Negro children? What makes her different from other faculty.

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