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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Clare cries at the end of Chapter 4
(a) For reasons we do not yet know.
(b) Because she plans to hurt the children.
(c) Because she is so happy to be there.
(d) Because she knows she is leaving.

2. As to Clare's motives, Irene is
(a) Understanding.
(b) Trusting.
(c) Suspicious.
(d) Hopeful.

3. At the Redfields' private dinner table, Clare is
(a) Happy.
(b) Chirpy.
(c) Quiet.
(d) Talkative.

4. Helga makes the decision while she is still bedridden to
(a) Commit suicide.
(b) Flee to Naxos.
(c) Re-commit to the church.
(d) Leave Pastor Green.

5. Helga has developed a new appreciation for
(a) Hard work.
(b) New York and its excitement.
(c) Naxos and its efforts.
(d) The black southerners and their simplicity.

6. What has Irene heard about Clare since they were young?
(a) She is a high fashion model in New York.
(b) She has been a housewife.
(c) She has been seen with rich white men.
(d) She has found a career as a dancer.

7. Why does Irene bring up Junior's exposure to sexually tainted jokes?
(a) She is being suggestive.
(b) She is trying to divert Brian's attention.
(c) She hopes it will spark some life in his eyes.
(d) She wants to punish Brian.

8. The teacup Irene destroys is
(a) An heirloom from Brian's family.
(b) A cheap reproduction.
(c) Hand-painted.
(d) A porcelain antique.

9. When Clare mentions she would do anything to get what she wants, it
(a) Was meant to alert Brian of her intentions.
(b) Exposes her violent nature.
(c) Should have been a clue for Irene.
(d) Indicates danger to the children.

10. What is the implication that surrounds Clare's rich white male companions?
(a) They find Clare to be a good dancer.
(b) They are paying a good price for Clare's company.
(c) They find Clare to be a hard worker.
(d) They pay Clare for housekeeping.

11. Does Irene want Clare in her life again?
(a) Absolutely not.
(b) Desperately.
(c) Perhaps, with conditions.
(d) She is ambivalent.

12. Whrn speaking with Hugh Wentworth at the dance, Irene
(a) Is embarrassed about bringing Clare.
(b) Does not tell him Clare is black.
(c) Complains about Brian.
(d) Discloses all she knows about Clare.

13. Clare is very
(a) Maternal and kind.
(b) Self-focused and manipulative.
(c) Generous and gregarious.
(d) Threatening and belligerent.

14. Helga finds some satisfaction in
(a) Living in the south.
(b) Being a preacher's wife.
(c) Changing the women in the congregation.
(d) Living in poverty.

15. Irene is determined to keep her life
(a) Orderly and managed.
(b) Spontaneous and fun.
(c) Peaceful and serene.
(d) Wild and carefree.

Short Answer Questions

1. What animal image comes to Irene's mind when considering Clare?

2. Helga marries Pleasant Green and moves to

3. At all costs, Irene does not want to

4. Brian demands that Irene not

5. For more than a week, Helga remains in a state of

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