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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Irene conclude that Brian and Clare are having an affair?
(a) Her children tell her.
(b) Clare tells her.
(c) Hugh Wentworth tells her.
(d) Brian invited Clare to tea.

2. Irene knows that she and Brian and their children belong
(a) In Brazil.
(b) To Harlem.
(c) In Chicago.
(d) In New York.

3. Clare married her husband because
(a) He has money.
(b) She loves him.
(c) She wanted children.
(d) She wanted a banker.

4. When Clare falls from the window, Irene cries with
(a) Grief.
(b) Guilt.
(c) Horror.
(d) Thankfulness.

5. Irene does not tell Brian about bumping into Bellew because
(a) She is embarrassed.
(b) She is not sure why it happened.
(c) She thinks it is meaningless.
(d) It might serve as a warning to him.

6. Brian demands that Irene not
(a) Talk to him so much.
(b) Molly-coddle their son.
(c) Talk of sex at the table.
(d) Divert him from complaining about his job.

7. Helga's most recent infant
(a) Passed away after one week.
(b) Is cared for by Pastor Green.
(c) Was nursed by Clementine.
(d) Looks just like Helga.

8. Why is Irene offended by Clare's use of a PO Box for a return address?
(a) It implies Clare thinks Irene would be indiscreet.
(b) It implies that Clare is being sarcastic.
(c) It shows Clare's devious nature.
(d) She is hiding her real address.

9. At the Redfields' private dinner table, Clare is
(a) Chirpy.
(b) Quiet.
(c) Happy.
(d) Talkative.

10. What feelings come up for Irene when remembering her visit with Clare in Chicago
(a) Old ties of friendship.
(b) Love and longing.
(c) Shame and sadness.
(d) Anger and humiliation.

11. Green's bad habits are outweighed by his
(a) Long sermons.
(b) Good looks.
(c) Goodness and holiness.
(d) Devotion to her.

12. This chapter finds Brian Redfield
(a) Withdrawn.
(b) Extremely joyous.
(c) Making home visits.
(d) Busy at home.

13. What happened to Clare's father?
(a) He was imprisoned.
(b) He died in a car accident.
(c) He died from injuries in a fight.
(d) He left Clare when she was small.

14. Why does Irene feel it unsafe for Clare to come back?
(a) She could be mistaken for someone else.
(b) Her picture could end up in the papers.
(c) Her husband and child could find out.
(d) She could be assaulted.

15. When Brian tries to talk to his sons about racism, Irene
(a) Speaks for him.
(b) Admonishes him.
(c) Encourages him.
(d) Contradicts him.

Short Answer Questions

1. In her illness, Helga is unable to

2. What animal image comes to Irene's mind when considering Clare?

3. Why does Irene bring up Junior being exposed to sexually tinged jokes?

4. Irene's response to Clare's letter is that she

5. Clare now sees that if her marriage breaks,

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