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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. James Vayle feels it is important
(a) That poorer negroes continue to have children.
(b) For Helga to be married and settled down.
(c) For negroes at the top of the race to have children.
(d) For everyone to have at least one child.

2. Dr. Anderson's rejection of her leaves Helga
(a) Indifferent.
(b) Wanting to return to Naxos.
(c) Free to pursue others.
(d) Extremely depressed.

3. Helga projects a sense of
(a) Fear.
(b) Affluence.
(c) Poverty.
(d) Indifference.

4. Her decision to marry Pleasant Green is Helga's way of
(a) Avoiding a return to Denmark.
(b) Avenging Dr. Anderson's cruelty.
(c) Hurting James Vayle.
(d) Having both God and man.

5. Olsen refers to Helga's refusal of him as
(a) A tragedy.
(b) Comic relief.
(c) Totally expected.
(d) A waste of time.

6. Helga feels like a criminal when she meets Anne because
(a) She has taken money from Hayes-Rore.
(b) She knows she is taking advantage of Anne.
(c) She plans to abscond with Anne's fortune.
(d) Anne thinks Helga's mother just recently died.

7. What Helga respects in Audrey is
(a) Her beautiful apricot colored dress.
(b) Her intrigue with Dr. Anderson.
(c) Her ability to look beyond racial barriers.
(d) Her incredible talent for dancing.

8. Helga's aunt Katrina wants Helga to
(a) Dress in a subdued manner.
(b) Wear brightly colored clothing.
(c) Mind her manners.
(d) Wear less makeup.

9. Helga is angry at herself because
(a) Her colleagues like their jobs.
(b) She is too beautiful to be a teacher.
(c) Her teaching has been ineffective.
(d) Her students think she is too young.

10. Margaret Creighton is
(a) Concerned for Helga's career.
(b) Afraid Helga might be ill.
(c) A lost soul.
(d) Worried about losing her job.

11. Why does her uncle's wife reject Helga?
(a) She feels Helga is not a valid member of the family.
(b) She thinks Helga dresses too loudly.
(c) She is simply cruel and evil.
(d) She does not believe Helga.

12. Why is Helga distressed at the end of this chapter?
(a) She wants to continue to live with Anne.
(b) She misses her aunt and uncle.
(c) She is jealous, confused and afraid.
(d) She is angry to be black.

13. Helga's attempt to overcome her loneliness in Harlem has resulted in
(a) A stronger sense of her self.
(b) Dullness and aversion.
(c) Anxiety and tension.
(d) A more secure outlook.

14. Her deepest regret over the incident with Anderson is
(a) That she made a fool of herself.
(b) Her broken relationship with Anne.
(c) She never really liked him.
(d) That she did not tell Anne.

15. When she is dressed for tea, Helga's uncle decides that she
(a) Needs more makeup.
(b) Needs a better hairdo.
(c) Needs higher heels.
(d) Must have earrings.

Short Answer Questions

1. Helga's hidden feeling about her lack of family is

2. Helga remembers her mother being

3. The rejection Helga held earlier for America has turned to

4. At the bottom of Helga's angst may be the fact that

5. Mrs. Hayes-Rore is

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