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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Helga is disturbed by her euphoric feelings from the music, telling herself
(a) She does not like to dance.
(b) She is of Danish descent.
(c) She is not a jungle animal.
(d) She is not an African American.

2. Helga decides to ask her maternal uncle for help because
(a) Her father's wealth has disappeared.
(b) She knows he will take her in.
(c) Her father's relatives hate her.
(d) Her mother would have wanted it.

3. One of the duties of her new job is to
(a) Clean a large, beautiful home.
(b) Teach small children.
(c) Read to Mrs. Hayes-Rore.
(d) Travel with Mrs. Hayes-Rore.

4. Helga remembers her mother being
(a) Remote.
(b) Gregarious.
(c) Nurturing.
(d) Polite.

5. Peter's wife told Helga her presence was not
(a) Acceptable.
(b) Surprising.
(c) Appropriate.
(d) Convenient.

6. Helga's false pride masks her
(a) Cruel nature.
(b) Lack of taste.
(c) Insecurity and pain.
(d) Coldness.

7. Helga's aunt resembles
(a) Audrey Denny.
(b) Helga's father.
(c) Uncle Peter.
(d) Helga's mother.

8. Olsen thinks Helga's surprise at his proposal is
(a) Feigned.
(b) Ridiculous.
(c) Cute.
(d) Funny.

9. Helga takes the time to
(a) Order the maid to change Anne's bed.
(b) Write a note to Anne about her departure.
(c) Scrub the floors and windows.
(d) Prepare the house for Anne's arrival home.

10. Her decision to marry Pleasant Green is Helga's way of
(a) Having both God and man.
(b) Hurting James Vayle.
(c) Avoiding a return to Denmark.
(d) Avenging Dr. Anderson's cruelty.

11. What disturbs Helga about her conversation with Dr. Anderson?
(a) She feels she confided too much to him.
(b) She wanted to stay.
(c) She is ashamed of herself for resigning.
(d) She feels she told half-truths.

12. Anne secretly knows that Dr. Anderson might
(a) Lose his willpower when it comes to Helga.
(b) Cheat on her throughout their marriage.
(c) Have a split personality.
(d) Lose his job and become dependent.

13. Her deepest regret over the incident with Anderson is
(a) That she made a fool of herself.
(b) That she did not tell Anne.
(c) She never really liked him.
(d) Her broken relationship with Anne.

14. Olsen refers to Helga's refusal of him as
(a) Comic relief.
(b) A waste of time.
(c) A tragedy.
(d) Totally expected.

15. The Danish word for "black" that Helga hears in town is
(a) Ebone.
(b) Negre.
(c) Sorte.
(d) Sienna.

Short Answer Questions

1. With his strange overtures toward her, Axel Olsen shows

2. Anne Grey symbolizes

3. Why might Helga have felt alienated in the "Negro" school as a child?

4. The Fishers arrive at the boat in order to

5. The conversations at the tea Helga attends

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