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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Audrey Denny is the subject of gossip because
(a) She dances with anyone who asks.
(b) She dresses loudly.
(c) She is a heavy drinker.
(d) She socializes with whites and blacks.

2. Helga remembers her mother being
(a) Polite.
(b) Gregarious.
(c) Nurturing.
(d) Remote.

3. Helga wants to leave Naxos because
(a) She dislikes her students.
(b) The staff is dependent upon her.
(c) She hates James Vayle.
(d) She does not fit in.

4. It occurs to Helga that perhaps her new uncle
(a) Will be black.
(b) Will be attractive.
(c) Will be like Uncle Peter.
(d) Will not accept her.

5. When Helga sees Audrey Denny with Dr. Anderson, she feels
(a) Jealous.
(b) Sad.
(c) Angry.
(d) Happy.

6. As Helga watches the dancers, she sees
(a) Gradations of color in the Negro race.
(b) The beauty of her race.
(c) The absurdity of her situation.
(d) A blurr of color and light.

7. Dr. Anderson has assumed that Helga's good qualities are due to
(a) Her good breeding.
(b) Her sense of morality.
(c) The facade she wears.
(d) Her fine education.

8. The rejection Helga held earlier for America has turned to
(a) Homesickness.
(b) A hatred of Harlem.
(c) A repugnance of Negroes.
(d) A wish for more money.

9. Helga tells Olsen that some day
(a) The differences in their races would come between them.
(b) He will learn to love all black people.
(c) In the future, they will marry.
(d) His racism will catch up with him.

10. Besides her uncle, what connection does Helga have in Chicago?
(a) She was born there.
(b) She remembers going there as a child.
(c) She worked in the factories there.
(d) Her grandmother is there.

11. Margaret Creighton is
(a) Worried about losing her job.
(b) Concerned for Helga's career.
(c) Afraid Helga might be ill.
(d) A lost soul.

12. When it comes to Dr. Anderson, Helga has now developed a vague sense of
(a) Disrespect.
(b) Hatred.
(c) Superiority.
(d) Indifference.

13. When she realizes what Axel Olsen is implying, Helga feels
(a) Admiration.
(b) Hilarity.
(c) Love.
(d) Repugnance.

14. How does Helga feel about the encounter with Uncle Peter's wife?
(a) She is ashamed.
(b) She wants her to disappear.
(c) She is determined.
(d) She is happy.

15. The dress Helga chooses to wear to Anne's homecoming party represents
(a) Her preference for the black race.
(b) Her need to be recognized as different.
(c) Her status as a socialite.
(d) Her impending flight.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does her uncle's wife reject Helga?

2. Anne secretly knows that Dr. Anderson might

3. Helga finally finds work as

4. Axel Olsen tells Helga that she has

5. Her deepest regret over the incident with Anderson is

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