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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. With his strange overtures toward her, Axel Olsen shows
(a) His true intentions of marrying Fru Dahl.
(b) His noble personality.
(c) His artistic finesse.
(d) Disrespect for Helga and her race.

2. Once again, Helga realizes that
(a) Negroes are her own people.
(b) Harlem is the height of racism.
(c) Negroes are superior to whites.
(d) Harlem is superior to Denmark.

3. Helga gets a job in New York at
(a) An insurance firm.
(b) A retail store.
(c) A factory.
(d) A law firm.

4. James Vayle, to whom Helga is engaged,
(a) Is a well-known gossip.
(b) Has dishonorable intentions.
(c) Has assimilated into the school's culture.
(d) Is a rebel and a loner.

5. What disturbs Helga about her conversation with Dr. Anderson?
(a) She is ashamed of herself for resigning.
(b) She wanted to stay.
(c) She feels she confided too much to him.
(d) She feels she told half-truths.

6. For her departure from Denmark, Helga now blames
(a) Herself.
(b) Katrina.
(c) Herr Poul.
(d) Axel Olsen.

7. When she realizes what Axel Olsen is implying, Helga feels
(a) Repugnance.
(b) Hilarity.
(c) Love.
(d) Admiration.

8. Helga considers the clothing of the staff to be
(a) Lovely.
(b) Dowdy.
(c) Poor quality.
(d) Colorless.

9. Helga leaves Denmark with the expectation of
(a) Staying in Harlem forever.
(b) Returning after the wedding.
(c) Marrying Dr. Anderson.
(d) Bringing Anne back with her.

10. Helga tells Olsen that some day
(a) He will learn to love all black people.
(b) His racism will catch up with him.
(c) In the future, they will marry.
(d) The differences in their races would come between them.

11. The rejection Helga held earlier for America has turned to
(a) A hatred of Harlem.
(b) A repugnance of Negroes.
(c) Homesickness.
(d) A wish for more money.

12. The staging of Helga by her aunt and uncle make Helga feel like
(a) A monkey.
(b) A pet dog.
(c) A peacock.
(d) A dinosaur.

13. Why does her uncle's wife reject Helga?
(a) She is simply cruel and evil.
(b) She feels Helga is not a valid member of the family.
(c) She does not believe Helga.
(d) She thinks Helga dresses too loudly.

14. Helga feels that at Naxos she is
(a) Respected.
(b) Well thought of.
(c) Disliked.
(d) A real success.

15. Helga wishes that the school would not
(a) Advertise itself as a school for blacks.
(b) Seek government funding.
(c) Suppress the true nature of its students.
(d) Try to be something it is not.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Helga sees Audrey Denny with Dr. Anderson, she feels

2. Knowing she is without support, Helga's desperation turns to

3. Prior to Olsen's proposal, Helga had planned to

4. One of the duties of her new job is to

5. Helga feels like a criminal when she meets Anne because

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