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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Passing, Part Three, Chapters Two and Three.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. It is possible that Helga Crane is
(a) Too irritable to have a relationship.
(b) Desperate to be married.
(c) Ready to settle down with anyone.
(d) In love with Dr. Anderson.

2. Why might Helga have felt alienated in the "Negro" school as a child?
(a) Her attitude was superior.
(b) She was not very smart.
(c) She was not good looking.
(d) She was fair-skinned.

3. Helga found her job with the help of
(a) A small personnel agency.
(b) Mrs. Haye-Rore.
(c) A teacher in downtown Chicago.
(d) The local YWCA.

4. Axel Olsen tells Helga that she has
(a) The determination of a white woman.
(b) The stubbornness of a mule.
(c) The soul of a prostitute.
(d) The grace of an African.

5. Helga's aunt resembles
(a) Helga's father.
(b) Helga's mother.
(c) Audrey Denny.
(d) Uncle Peter.

Short Answer Questions

1. With his strange overtures toward her, Axel Olsen shows

2. Why does Irene feel it unsafe for Clare to come back?

3. Helga finds some satisfaction in

4. Irene Redfield does not

5. Helga is angry at herself because

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