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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Passing, Chapter Two.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Helga finally finds work as
(a) A personal assistant.
(b) A librarian.
(c) A teacher.
(d) A housekeeper.

2. Helga's most recent infant
(a) Was nursed by Clementine.
(b) Is cared for by Pastor Green.
(c) Passed away after one week.
(d) Looks just like Helga.

3. What animal image comes to Irene's mind when considering Clare?
(a) A fox.
(b) A cat.
(c) A lion.
(d) A cougar.

4. How did Helga's mother lift herself out of her bad situation?
(a) She proclaimed her Danish heritage.
(b) She married a white man.
(c) She moved to Denmark.
(d) She stopped having children.

5. The rejection Helga held earlier for America has turned to
(a) A hatred of Harlem.
(b) Homesickness.
(c) A repugnance of Negroes.
(d) A wish for more money.

Short Answer Questions

1. Helga chooses to remain

2. The conversations at the tea Helga attends

3. Helga decides to ask her maternal uncle for help because

4. Brian's comments about sex being a joke indicate that

5. The Danish word for "black" that Helga hears in town is

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