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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Quicksand, Chapter Fifteen.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The remade green velvet dress
(a) Covered Helga from head to toe.
(b) Was heavy and obtrusive.
(c) Was made blousy and full.
(d) Exposed more of Helga's body.

2. Helga's attitude toward Negro "uplift" has turned to
(a) Mild interest.
(b) Energized enthusiasm.
(c) Irritable disrespect.
(d) Cynicism and disgust.

3. Peter's wife told Helga her presence was not
(a) Acceptable.
(b) Appropriate.
(c) Surprising.
(d) Convenient.

4. In Chicago, Helga finds a place to stay
(a) With a roommate in an apartment.
(b) At the local golf club.
(c) With an old friend.
(d) At the local YWCA.

5. Helga considers that perhaps her feelings for Dr. Anderson mean that
(a) She is in love with him.
(b) She longs for Naxos.
(c) She resents him.
(d) She wishes he would leave New York.

Short Answer Questions

1. As Helga watches the dancers, she sees

2. With his strange overtures toward her, Axel Olsen shows

3. Helga projects a sense of

4. The dress Helga chooses to wear to Anne's homecoming party represents

5. Mrs. Hayes-Rore is

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