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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Quicksand, Chapter Fifteen.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Mrs. Hayes-Rore warns Helga not to mention
(a) Her teaching background.
(b) That her mother was white.
(c) The relationship between the two.
(d) That her mother has died.

2. Mrs. Hayes-Rore is
(a) An administrator for Chicago schools.
(b) An entertainer.
(c) A struggling actress.
(d) An activist for the Negro cause.

3. Helga's attitude toward Negro "uplift" has turned to
(a) Cynicism and disgust.
(b) Irritable disrespect.
(c) Energized enthusiasm.
(d) Mild interest.

4. When Dr. Anderson makes an assumption about her background, Helga
(a) Hopes he will find her repulsive.
(b) Is glad no one knows about her lack of family.
(c) Accepts the compliment and smiles.
(d) Responds angrily with the truth about her parents.

5. Why might Helga have felt alienated in the "Negro" school as a child?
(a) She was not good looking.
(b) She was not very smart.
(c) She was fair-skinned.
(d) Her attitude was superior.

Short Answer Questions

1. It is possible that Helga Crane is

2. Helga now feels alienated from

3. Helga remembers being in Denmark where people

4. Helga gets a job in New York at

5. Helga's false pride masks her

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