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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Quicksand - Chapters Six and Seven.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Helga wants to leave Naxos because
(a) She hates James Vayle.
(b) She dislikes her students.
(c) The staff is dependent upon her.
(d) She does not fit in.

2. Helga's false pride masks her
(a) Insecurity and pain.
(b) Lack of taste.
(c) Cruel nature.
(d) Coldness.

3. Helga feels the school's intention is to
(a) Pave the way for college students.
(b) Preserve the Negro culture.
(c) Teach the children arts and crafts.
(d) Turn black children into white children.

4. Helga considers the clothing of the staff to be
(a) Lovely.
(b) Dowdy.
(c) Poor quality.
(d) Colorless.

5. Helga tells her story to Mrs. Hayes-Rore who
(a) Feels only sympathy for her.
(b) Admonishes her for sharing.
(c) Seems to withdraw from her.
(d) Reacts with anger toward her.

Short Answer Questions

1. Margaret Creighton is

2. James Vayle, to whom Helga is engaged,

3. Helga feels she does not fit in with this community because

4. When Dr. Anderson makes an assumption about her background, Helga

5. In her discomfort about not fitting in, Helga realizes

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