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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Passing, Part Three, Chapters Two and Three.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Irene allowing Clare into the private rooms of the house symbolizes
(a) Irene's invitation to invade her family.
(b) Irene's wish that Clare will love her sons.
(c) Irene allowing herself to be vulnerable.
(d) Irene's desire to show Clare her wealth.

2. The sermon heard earlier affects Helga because
(a) It was about the persecution of blacks.
(b) It was not spontaneous.
(c) It pressed ideas onto the students about God.
(d) She feels it was rude and inappropriate.

3. Clare's admission that she is lacking in morals
(a) Makes Irene feel sorry for her.
(b) Makes Irene want her away from the children.
(c) Foreshadows her affair with Brian.
(d) Is just Clare being manipulative again.

4. In Chicago, Helga finds a place to stay
(a) At the local YWCA.
(b) At the local golf club.
(c) With a roommate in an apartment.
(d) With an old friend.

5. As to Clare's motives, Irene is
(a) Suspicious.
(b) Hopeful.
(c) Understanding.
(d) Trusting.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chicago, Clare's husband

2. What Helga respects in Audrey is

3. Helga tells her story to Mrs. Hayes-Rore who

4. When it comes to Clare's motives, Irene is

5. Clare is very

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