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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Quicksand, Chapters Eighteen and Nineteen.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The portrait Olsen has painted of Helga is
(a) Exact and lifelike.
(b) Demure and soft.
(c) Exotic and wild.
(d) A mocking likeness.

2. James Vayle, to whom Helga is engaged,
(a) Has assimilated into the school's culture.
(b) Has dishonorable intentions.
(c) Is a well-known gossip.
(d) Is a rebel and a loner.

3. Olsen refers to Helga's refusal of him as
(a) Comic relief.
(b) Totally expected.
(c) A tragedy.
(d) A waste of time.

4. Dr. Anderson has assumed that Helga's good qualities are due to
(a) Her good breeding.
(b) The facade she wears.
(c) Her fine education.
(d) Her sense of morality.

5. When she realizes what Axel Olsen is implying, Helga feels
(a) Hilarity.
(b) Admiration.
(c) Repugnance.
(d) Love.

Short Answer Questions

1. The painter, Herr Olsen, finds Helga's looks to be

2. The husband of Mrs. Hayes-Rore died

3. How did Helga's mother lift herself out of her bad situation?

4. Robert Anderson's kiss makes Helga

5. Helga could never marry

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