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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Quicksand, Chapters Twenty-Four and Twenty-Five.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Prior to Olsen's proposal, Helga had planned to
(a) Date within her own race.
(b) Begin a new relationship with Herr Dahl.
(c) Turn her attention to another man.
(d) Steal Dr. Anderson from Anne.

2. Helga's false pride masks her
(a) Lack of taste.
(b) Cruel nature.
(c) Insecurity and pain.
(d) Coldness.

3. With his strange overtures toward her, Axel Olsen shows
(a) His artistic finesse.
(b) His true intentions of marrying Fru Dahl.
(c) Disrespect for Helga and her race.
(d) His noble personality.

4. In Chicago, Helga finds a place to stay
(a) With an old friend.
(b) With a roommate in an apartment.
(c) At the local YWCA.
(d) At the local golf club.

5. Olsen thinks Helga's surprise at his proposal is
(a) Feigned.
(b) Ridiculous.
(c) Funny.
(d) Cute.

Short Answer Questions

1. What disturbs Helga about her conversation with Dr. Anderson?

2. James Vayle is clearly

3. The portrait Olsen has painted of Helga is

4. Axel Olsen tells Helga that she has

5. In the sophisticated crowd, James Vayle seems

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