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Harlem Renaissance

During the 1920s, blacks tended to congregate in this district of Manhattan.

American South

Naxos, Georgia, where Helga Crane was teaching in the beginning of Quicksand.


The European country where Helga Crane lives with her mother's sister.

Naxos School

A progressive institution to help educate blacks and raise the standards of African Americans

Negro Welfare League

A charitable organization which serves as a social outlet to raise money to help black Americans.


Where Helga Crane lived while looking for a job in Chicago


Helga's first home after leaving Naxos.


Helga thinks this will save her from her life of uncertainty and misery.


Tiny Danish sandwiches customarily served at every tea and meal in Copenhagen.

Maria Kirkepladds

The upscale district in Copenhagen where Katrina and Poul Dahl reside.

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