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Lesson 1

Objective: Quicksand, Chapter One The objective of this lesson will be to take a closer look at the author's initial portrayal of Helga Crane's personality, and her attitude about the school for black children in which she works.

1) In class, discuss the incongruities in Helga's life in this chapter. What elements are in conflict?

2) In small groups, choose two issues that Helga has with Naxos. Are they valid? Why?

3) Discuss in class whether Helga is a typical elementary school teacher. Are there other teachers you know who exhibit a sense of style, grace and unusualness, as Helga tries to do?

4) For homework, do some research on early America's black teachers, their accomplishments and challenges.

Lesson 2

Objective: Quicksand, Chapter One This chapter will explore the nature of Naxos and what it tries to accomplish, comparing it with other institutions as well as today's schools.

1) Discuss in class all...

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