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Quicksand, Chapter One

• Helga Crane, a teacher, decides to leave her job at Naxos, a southern school for Negro children.

• Helga decides to ask her uncle, her mother's brother, for money so that she can leave this area.

• Helga decides to break her engagement to James Vayle, who is also employed at Naxos.
• Helga is disturbed by the school's teaching methods.

• Helga lives lavishly, surrounded by beautiful things and wearing colorful clothing.

• Helga has no family ties, and feels as though she does not fit in at Naxos.

Quicksand, Chapters Two and Three

• Helga makes up her mind firmly to leave Naxos, despite a colleague's concern about her career.

• We learn that Helga does not like the backbiting pettiness of her colleagues.

• Helga is ashamed of her lack of family ties or status.
• Helga gets a twenty minute meeting with Dr. Anderson, the school principal, to explain her...

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