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Dorothy Dunnett
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following is NOT something that the Queen Mother wants?
(a) To make herself Governorship of Scotland.
(b) Make her friends and relatives even more powerful.
(c) Marry her daughter off to the Dauphin.
(d) To marry the King of France.

2. Sir George wants Lymond to help him acquire the position of ________________.
(a) Scots Ambassador.
(b) Earl of Lyons.
(c) Governorship of Scotland.
(d) Duke of Edinburgh.

3. What happens to O'LiamRoe's dog after being attacked by the cheetah?
(a) O'LiamRoe kills it.
(b) O'LiamRoe stitches its wounds.
(c) O'LiamRoe lets it ride in a wagon for a while.
(d) O'Liam Roe washes it and gives it some food.

4. Lymond works for himself because _______________________.
(a) He can take more risks.
(b) He believes that he should not play any role in Queen Mary's protection.
(c) He can make more money.
(d) He can think independently.

5. Why is Robin Stewart so angry with John Stewart?
(a) John has stolen his inheritance.
(b) John cheated him at a card game.
(c) Jenny has taken a liking to John.
(d) John decides he no longer needs Robin's services.

Short Answer Questions

1. What animal attacks O'LiamRoe's dog?

2. O'LiamRoe learns that the French court is planning to make a fool out of O'LiamRoe by ____________________.

3. How many men go on the steeplechase?

4. Why does the cheetah try to attack Robin Stewart?

5. What does Thady ask of the King in exchange for his performance at the dinner?

Short Essay Questions

1. What information is provided at the beginning of the book to help the reader understand the characters and setting?

2. Why does O'LiamRoe get so irritated with Thady after he sees him perform at court and what does O'LiamRoe do to Thady to get his point across?

3. Explain what happens when a cheetah attacks during the court's hunt.

4. Why does Sir George tell Lymond that Queen Catherine might be the would-be assassin?

5. What ulterior motives does Oonagh have when she agrees to beginning a relationship with O'LiamRoe?

6. What raucous and wild activities as mentioned in the riddle take place in this chapter?

7. What are the Queen Mother's plans for her and Queen Mary's future? How do many people at court feel about the plans?

8. Why does Lymond (Thady) feel fortunate to be granted a stay in France by the King?

9. Who are the two notable characters mixing with the Irish passengers on board the La Sauvee which is bound for Dieppe, France?

10. What role does Oonagh play in trying to get O'LiamRoe sent back to Ireland?

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