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Dorothy Dunnett
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Sir George tell Lymond about the Queen Mother?
(a) She has a terminal illness.
(b) She will be taking Queen Mary back to Scotland.
(c) She has hired more spies.
(d) Not all in France approve of her plans for more power.

2. For what does the Queen Mother thank Lymond?
(a) His services.
(b) His support of her plan.
(c) His gift of jewelry.
(d) His kindness.

3. Lymond plans on using his time at dinner with the King to ______________________.
(a) Convince the King to allow him and O'LiamRoe a long-term stay.
(b) Convince the King that he should be Queen Mary's chief bodyguard.
(c) Convince the King that he needs more bodyguards.
(d) Convince the King to make him a Duke.

4. Jenny Fleming has come to view a plaster ________________.
(a) Castle.
(b) Bear.
(c) Whale.
(d) Dolphin.

5. Why does Oonagh agree to start a relationship with a certain man?
(a) To live with him in Scotland.
(b) To marry a wealthy man.
(c) To make another man jealous.
(d) To convince him to leave France.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is O'LiamRoe not hurt when his bed catches on fire?

2. Mary de Guise's daughter is betrothed to marry the heir to the _______________ throne.

3. Sir George thinks that the would-be assassin is a member of ___________________.

4. Who is the daughter of Mary de Guise?

5. Who is Master Thady Boy Ballagh?

Short Essay Questions

1. What ulterior motives does Oonagh have when she agrees to beginning a relationship with O'LiamRoe?

2. Who are the two notable characters mixing with the Irish passengers on board the La Sauvee which is bound for Dieppe, France?

3. What are Queen Mary and Jenny doing at the beginning of this chapter?

4. Who is Jenny Fleming? How is her daughter more like the mother in this relationship?

5. What role does Thady take on at the French court as it moves from one destination to another?

6. What clue is left behind by the person who had set fire to O'LiamRoe's bed?

7. What does Lymond learn about the cheetah from yesterday's hunt?

8. What is learned about O'LiamRoe's attraction to Oonagh?

9. What is the source of much of the conflict in Europe in the mid-1500s?

10. What information does Tom Erskine let slip about the Queen Mother?

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