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Dorothy Dunnett
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who joins Thady in the rooftop race?
(a) Lord Lynley.
(b) Robin Stewart.
(c) Piedar Dooley.
(d) Sir George.

2. Who is Master Thady Boy Ballagh?
(a) A stable boy.
(b) A chef.
(c) A sailor.
(d) A poet and singer.

3. What is the name of O'LiamRoe's dog?
(a) Ludlow.
(b) Lucifer.
(c) Luadhas.
(d) Ludmaire.

4. O'LiamRoe learns that the French court is planning to make a fool out of O'LiamRoe by ____________________.
(a) Rescinding the King's invitation at the last minute.
(b) Trying to convince him that the King's double is actually the King.
(c) Making him sit with the children during dinner.
(d) Making him sing in front of the court.

5. It is learned from Tom that the Queen Mother wants King Henry's help in ousting the ___________________ from the governorship of Scotland.
(a) Earl of Cornwall.
(b) Earl of Cambridge.
(c) Earl of Arran.
(d) Earl of Strathearn.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does the cheetah try to attack Robin Stewart?

2. What does Thady wear to have dinner with the King?

3. What is learned about Abernaci's homeland?

4. Why is Robin Stewart so angry with John Stewart?

5. Which two men save each other periodically while on the race?

Short Essay Questions

1. What ulterior motives does Oonagh have when she agrees to beginning a relationship with O'LiamRoe?

2. What is the source of much of the conflict in Europe in the mid-1500s?

3. Explain how Lymond (Thandy) wins over the King to be allowed to stay in France for a longer period of time?

4. Why does Lymond have a discussion with Abernaci regarding poisons he has for the elephants?

5. Who is Jenny Fleming? How is her daughter more like the mother in this relationship?

6. Explain how O'LiamRoe is duped into an unfortunate encounter with the King and what the King's reaction is.

7. Who are the two notable characters mixing with the Irish passengers on board the La Sauvee which is bound for Dieppe, France?

8. Why does Lymond (Thady) feel fortunate to be granted a stay in France by the King?

9. Why does O'LiamRoe get so irritated with Thady after he sees him perform at court and what does O'LiamRoe do to Thady to get his point across?

10. How does the steeplechase end?

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