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Dorothy Dunnett
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When does Thady know he can begin with his plans?
(a) When the Queen Mother issues an order.
(b) When he is accepted at court.
(c) When Queen Mary turns 21.
(d) When he gets the message.

2. Queen Mary's life is at stake and ____________ are suspects.
(a) The courtiers.
(b) All.
(c) The groomsmen.
(d) The valets.

3. Mary de Guise had been the bride of King James V of which country?
(a) Germany.
(b) England.
(c) Scotland.
(d) France.

4. Who joins Thady in the rooftop race?
(a) Robin Stewart.
(b) Piedar Dooley.
(c) Lord Lynley.
(d) Sir George.

5. Why does the Queen Mother want the Earl removed from the Governorship of Scotland?
(a) She thinks he is too old to do the job properly anymore.
(b) She wants her son to have the position.
(c) She has learned that he swindled tax money.
(d) She wants the position.

6. Everyone thinks it is somewhat scandalous that Thady had visited _________________ earlier.
(a) Oonagh.
(b) Jenny.
(c) Queen Mary.
(d) The Dowager Queen.

7. What makes the King sympathetic toward Thady at the dinner?
(a) His sad story of a childhood spent at an orphanage.
(b) His stories of the crossing to France sound miserable.
(c) His injuries from the elephant debacle are displayed.
(d) His young wife died during childbirth.

8. Robin Stewart decides that he is going to return to __________________.
(a) Ireland.
(b) Wales.
(c) Scotland.
(d) England.

9. How does the leveret die?
(a) It is shot.
(b) Attacked by the cheetah.
(c) From fear.
(d) It runs into a trap.

10. Who is the King's main mistress?
(a) Diane.
(b) Ellen.
(c) Jenny.
(d) Anne.

11. It is learned from Tom that the Queen Mother wants King Henry's help in ousting the ___________________ from the governorship of Scotland.
(a) Earl of Cambridge.
(b) Earl of Strathearn.
(c) Earl of Arran.
(d) Earl of Cornwall.

12. What does the King offer to Thady as a gesture of thanks for diverting the elephants?
(a) Gold coins.
(b) A castle and land.
(c) A courtier position.
(d) Dinner with the King.

13. Jenny Fleming has come to view a plaster ________________.
(a) Bear.
(b) Whale.
(c) Dolphin.
(d) Castle.

14. Which ship crashes during a squall into the ship loaded with royals bound for France?
(a) Gooden Rose.
(b) Gouden Roos.
(c) Gouden Reese.
(d) Gooden Roos.

15. What information does Lymond reveal to Abernaci?
(a) The elephants are to be shot and disposed of.
(b) The King no longer wants elephants in parades.
(c) The King wants the parade to be run again tomorrow.
(d) The excitement during the parade was an assassination attempt.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Oonagh agree to start a relationship with a certain man?

2. The King's courtiers want Thady to plan a race _____________________.

3. What does Sir George tell Lymond about the Queen Mother?

4. What is at the beginning of Part One: The Vulgar Lyre: The Fork is Chosen?

5. Rouen is the capital city in _________________.

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