Queens' Play Quiz | Eight Week Quiz D

Dorothy Dunnett
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Two: Dangerous Juggles: V: Blois: Wickedness is the Rule and VI: Blois: The Forfeited Feast.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Sir George Douglas do during a tour of the castle?
(a) Refuses to bow to the King.
(b) Slams his hand down on Thady's hand.
(c) Falls down a flight of stairs.
(d) Insists on drinking too much ale.

2. How does the leveret die?
(a) It runs into a trap.
(b) Attacked by the cheetah.
(c) It is shot.
(d) From fear.

3. O'LiamRoe is disappointed that everything ended the way it did with the French because ____________________.
(a) He wanted to stay for a few years.
(b) No one tried to kill him.
(c) He wanted to create an alliance with France.
(d) He wanted to become a member of the French court.

4. The King's courtiers want Thady to plan a race _____________________.
(a) Over the rooftops of the town.
(b) Around the lake.
(c) Around the perimeter of the estate.
(d) From one tavern to another.

5. What makes the King sympathetic toward Thady at the dinner?
(a) His sad story of a childhood spent at an orphanage.
(b) His stories of the crossing to France sound miserable.
(c) His young wife died during childbirth.
(d) His injuries from the elephant debacle are displayed.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does the cheetah try to attack Robin Stewart?

2. Mary de Guise must act like nothing is wrong and that she has come to France merely to ___________________.

3. What happens to Thady during dinner with the King?

4. What does Thady ask of the King in exchange for his performance at the dinner?

5. When does Thady know he can begin with his plans?

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