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Dorothy Dunnett
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Three: London: The Excitement of Being Hunted: V: London: The Intentional Betrayal, VI: The Nettle and the Venom, and VII: Pledge to Fasting.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Queen Mary and Jenny are preparing for the entry of whom?
(a) The King.
(b) The priest.
(c) The Dowager Queen.
(d) The Prince.

2. Who is Vervassal?
(a) A lawyer.
(b) A spy.
(c) A courier.
(d) A herald.

3. Brice is surprised that the ________________ turned him in.
(a) Colliers.
(b) Firths.
(c) Surreys.
(d) Lennoxes.

4. Lymond tells O'LiamRoe that _________________ must be convinced to talk if Robin will not.
(a) James.
(b) Jenny.
(c) O'LiamRoe.
(d) Oonagh.

5. Who is the King's main mistress?
(a) Anne.
(b) Diane.
(c) Ellen.
(d) Jenny.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is learned about Abernaci's homeland?

2. What makes the King sympathetic toward Thady at the dinner?

3. Robin Stewart decides that he is going to return to __________________.

4. Who confesses to the plot to kill Queen Mary?

5. Who is the King's lover?

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