Objects & Places from Queens' Play

Dorothy Dunnett
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This country has close ties to France, with its current Queen Mother being from France and her daughter being engaged to the French Dauphin.


This country has had a long and often dramatic relationship with France. Many who dislike being ruled by the French go to this country for support.


Many characters from this country to have the French removed, so they may rule themselves.


This is the powerful country in which this story takes place.

La Sauvee

This is boat on which Thady Boy Ballagh first shows his fearlessness, intelligence, and physical abilities.

Hotel Moutiere

This is where it is thought that Thady Boy Ballagh died.

The Lake

This is where the final attempt on young Mary's life took place.


This is another European nation with ties with the French and English.

The Royal French and English Courts

These groups of individuals...

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