Daily Lessons for Teaching Queens' Play

Dorothy Dunnett
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Lesson 1

Objective: Part One: The Vulgar Lyre: The Fork is Chosen, I: Silent in the Boat, II: Dieppe: The Pitfalls and the Deer The author provides some information on the characters and the setting prior to beginning the story. The objective of this lesson is to learn more about the characters and the setting for the story.

1) Class Discussion: Lead the class in a discussion about the various characters who will appear in the story. What did the students know about these characters before reading this book? What do they know about the characters now? What type of information does the author provide to help the reader understand the importance of the characters? What does the author share about the setting for the book? Does this information help clarify characters and setting for the reader? Discuss.

2) Group Work: Divide the class into small groups and have them research...

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