Q Clearance Character Descriptions

Peter Benchley
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Timothy Burnham - This character is a low-level speechwriter for the President of the United States.

Sara Burnham - This character finds a hidden microphone in the car and suspects it is for being spied on.

Dyanna Butler - This character comes from a very prestigious family and hopes to use that position to appear important.

Ivy Peniston - This character cleans the offices in the Executive Office Building.

Foster Pym - This character enters America after World War II and works as a caterer.

Eva Pym - This character has a close relative who is a Nazi.

Warner Cobb - This character is the leader of the White House speechwriters.

Mario Epstein - This character controls every aspect of the White House staff.

President Benjamin Winslow - This character is in a powerful position, yet always wants a close adviser nearby.

Teal - This character goes...

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