Q Clearance Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Peter Benchley
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Chapter 1

• Burnham is given "Q Clearance", a high security clearance within the Department of Energy.

• Burnham learns that he is employed by the Department of Energy.

• Burnham attempts to turn down the promotion.

• Burnham learns that he cannot turn down the promotion.
• Renfro, the bureaucrat who is informing Burnham of his "Q Clearance", expresses concern about Burnham's competency with respect to his job.

• Burnham antagonizes Renfro with irony and humor.

• Burnham expresses his wish not to know any of the atomic secrets that go along with "Q Clearance".

• Renfro states that he wishes Burnham was not getting the promotion.

Chapter 2

• Burnham is irritated by his daughter, Derry, and her politics.

• Sarah, Burnham's wife, defends Derry and her right to her beliefs.

• We learn that Burnham is allergic to alcohol.

• We learn that Burnham take a number of vitamins.

• It is revealed that Sarah works for Ted Kennedy.
• Sarah...

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