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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. He takes his bow and arrow and points it at a vague place in the room and fires one arrow while looking at Mericet. What does the arrow do?
(a) It hits Teppic in the leg.
(b) It goes out the window.
(c) It ricochets off several places and lands perfectly on the sleeping figure.
(d) It hits Mericet.

2. In the city of Djelibeybi, the rules of the land had begun to ______________.
(a) Disappear and weaken.
(b) Change for the better.
(c) Multiply.
(d) Grow stronger.

3. Who ends up ruling the kingdom?
(a) Ptraci.
(b) Teppic.
(c) Dios.
(d) You Bastard.

4. Teppic is forced to wear ______________.
(a) A large golen crown.
(b) A large golden mask.
(c) A large golden robe.
(d) A large golden cloak.

5. What are the gods that the people worshipped doing?
(a) Appearing all over the city.
(b) Running away from the city.
(c) Calling the people to the city.
(d) Disappearing.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Teppic do when he reaches the top of the pyramid?

2. The king tried many times to talk to them and knew that the two could feel his presence but that they are unable to hear him and put the strange feelings down to ______________.

3. When they are out to sea, what does Teppic do?

4. Teppic's mother has been killed years ago by ______________.

5. Why is Ptraci reluctant to go with Teppic?

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