Pyramids: The Book of Going Forth Fun Activities

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Egyptian Culture

Research an aspect of Egyptian culture. Present your findings to the class in a ten-minute presentation.

The Pharaohs

Research one of the Pharaohs. Present a two-minute monologue as the Pharaoh. Be sure to include information about the Pharaoh's life in your monologue.


Research the creation of pyramids or ziggurats. Why were they created? How were they made? Write a one-page paper on your findings.

The Sphinx

What is the Sphinx? Why was it made? What other Sphinx-like sculptures exist? Write an essay on your findings.

The Parting of the Red Sea

Read the story of the parting of the Red Sea. How does it compare to the parting of the waters in this story? Write an essay in response.

The Trojan Horse

Research the Trojan Horse. Why was it built? What purpose did it serve? Was it successful? Why or why not? How does it...

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