Pyramids: The Book of Going Forth Character Descriptions

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This character is the son of King Teppicymon XXVII. He leaves the city of Djelibeybi to go to assassin school.


This character is the high priest that rules the city of Djelibeybi.


This character is Teppic's half sister. Everyone thought she was just a servant to the king, but the truth is discovered at the end of the book and she becomes the queen of Djelibeybi.

King Teppicymon XXVII

This character leads the other dead ancestors in destroying the pyramids when the city is taken to another dimension.


This character is the contractor that agrees to build the giant pyramid for Teppic's father.


This character is a priest within the palace. He wants to take Dios' position as high priest but will not be happy with it when he gets it.


This character is Teppic's friend from assassin school.


This character...

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